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Thread: Live 1974 (Providence, RI) full show recording now available

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    Default Live 1974 (Providence, RI) full show recording now available

    I've just posted on my music blog another complete Live Eagles show, from early in the On The Border 1974 Tour (1974-05-02, Providence, RI). This is another previously uncirculated audience recording (like the last show I posted, 1973-11-21 Holy Cross, Worcester, MA) that is being made available by the original taper (David M) for the first time anywhere. I am fortunate to be able to make this available through my blog to all that are interested.

    This recording is of substantially better quality than the previous one, and although this performance doesn't have anything as earth-shattering as the two previously unreleased songs featured on the last recording, it is nonetheless a great show from this period, and does feature some new elements. Although the bulk of the material still comes from their first two albums, four songs from the new On The Border album ('Already Gone', 'Ol' 55', 'James Dean', and 'Good Day in Hell') are included. In addition to the new On The Border songs, some other new aspects included in this show were a cool new extended Blues Intro to 'Witchy Woman', and this may have been the first show (or at least first recorded show) where the full version of 'Desperado' was used as an encore. Although much later in the 'reunion era' shows, it would become their standard concert closer, it was actually somewhat of a rarity for them to play it in these early concert years, and almost never as an encore. This also was one of the last of the shows where they were still a quartet, as Don Felder, who was brought in during the recording of On The Border, had not yet joined the live touring group (It is known he did not perform at their California Jam appearance in April 1974, and was not present at this May concert either, but he was present when the band made their appearance on Don Kirshner's Rock Concert sometime in 1974, so exactly when he began touring with the band is uncertain).

    Anyway, this is another great live show from their early days. Come by my blog for more info, and to get the download link:

    Stay and look around, for I have many other shows that might be of interest to Eagles fans (J.D. Souther, Chris Hillman- some with Bernie Leadon, Poco, Souther-Hillman-Furay, Firefall, Joe Walsh, etc.).

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    Default Re: Live 1974 (Providence, RI) full show recording now available

    Very cool.

    It'd be really cool if you had some footage of the Hotel California and Long Run eras as I'm more of a straightahead classic rock guy myself and prefer Joe Walsh (he's my favorite Eagle). Hotel California is my personal favorite album of all time and that title track is my favorite song of all time. Also my favorite guitar solo of all time on the title track. Not just from the Eagles, but of all music in the world. Hotel California is "the" album for me. It's a true masterpiece and I love it. I wish I could go back in time and see/hear them play it on the HC tour! But videos/sound recordings are definitely great too!
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    Default Re: Live 1974 (Providence, RI) full show recording now available

    Thanks again BBKron for sharing the rarities with us here. I haven't had time to watch it yet, but it's definitely something I'm looking forward to.

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    Default Re: Live 1974 (Providence, RI) full show recording now available

    Thanks for telling us about your blog. I'm really enjoying these. Weird. They didn't do Best of My Love yet. I like how freely they talked on those. According to Don Felder's book he was home because he was on his way to California Jam and his wife left an urgent message for him at the airport because she was having their first baby. He flew home instead and the baby was born too late for him to make it.

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    Default Re: Live 1974 (Providence, RI) full show recording now available

    Excellent! Thanks, BB!

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