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Thread: Niagara Falls 08-23-11

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    Default Niagara Falls 08-23-11

    Wow! What a night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    More details when we get to it...

    Overall, what an amazing time we had! We are all just thrilled and I really feel this review won't do much justice to the experience... but we'll do the best we can!

    The show was quite different from what we expected! We'll give you the set list rundown with little bits as we remember them.

    Glenn came out in a suit. He looked handsome as always. He started off by saying that he was concerned about his jokes because he didn't want to repeat any from the last time he was at Fallsview "a couple years ago" (actually four)! He went from that into the "Dammital" joke - something along the lines of "I'm feeling real good tonight - I took this new drug called Dammital. I have teenagers." lol

    The first song he played was Peaceful Easy Feeling. His voice sounded beautiful and I loved how he hummed at the end. He also said during the bridge, "Genuine California Country Rock!"

    The next song he did is my favorite song, Take It to the Limit, and PLS, Dreamer, and I got a special treat then! He looked over at us and mouthed "I knew you'd be here!" That made us feel warm all over. It was a terrific rendition of the song.

    He moved over to the piano for The One You Love. He made a self-deprecating joke saying that the song was from his "failed solo career" and his first album Prelude to Obscurity. Again, his voice was very strong on this. I melted!

    The next thing we heard was the strains of Silent Spring, and we knew Tequila Sunrise was next! It was so nice to hear it again. His voice sounded very rich on this. Loved it!

    When he began his introduction to the next song, he talked about his daughter Taylor having a hard time, and how he thought of her when he wrote the song. Of course, you've probably guessed by now that the song was You Are Not Alone! It was so moving it brought PLS to tears. Magnificent.

    Then he really started pulling out the surprises! He talked about how the Eagles really admired certain artists, including Buffalo Springfield (he also listed Neil Young, The Byrds, The Beach Boys, and "some other more obscure artists.") This transitioned into his performance of the Buffalo Springfield song On the Way Home. I'd never heard it before, but I definitely liked it!

    Now here is where we get to the big news. Glenn took off his guitar and made an announcement! He said that he had been working on an album for the past couple of years and that is was pretty much done. He said that he had been working on it with his two keyboard players. Turns out it was the covers album he'd mentioned several years ago! He's been working on it all this time and we never knew! Even more exciting to me was the fact that he said the album would be called After Hours - I have always wanted him to record that song and, considering it's going to be the name of the album, I think chances are good that my wish will come true! The next four songs he performed were all tracks from that album, which he said he hoped would be out around Valentine's Day. (One of the songs he said he decided to do after seeing it on YouTube, but we forget which one.)

    The first was Route 66. Glenn even danced to this one! He was adorable and so "into" it. He cried out "Everybody do the jitterburg!" lol!

    The next one was Shadow of Your Smile, originally by the Sandpipers. I had never heard this song before either, and WOW, he was AMAZING on this song. He was so passionate as he sang it and his voice really nailed it. Loved it, loved it, loved it!!!!

    Now, Tim fans, you're going to be surprised by his next choice... he said he was going to do a song that was a little newer... something he'd always wanted to record... it was Caroline No! It's a beautiful song and I'd heard it before thanks to Timothy covering it, so I was able to sing along. Glenn's old Beach Boys love is coming to the fore here!

    The next song he pulled out was by Burt Bacharach - Glenn commented that Bacharach had a deep catalog to choose from and complimented him. He commented that Dusty Springfield was the first person to record the song. The song was called The Look of Love. This one definitely got a good crowd response, I thought.

    After this, he said that it was time for a "mood change" - he joked that he called the band the "bipolar bears" because they were playing "mood swing music." The mood change took us to Smuggler's Blues... and yes, it was the slower version. Oh well, one can't have everything one wants all the time! It was still enjoyable.

    The next song also brought with it a treat... as he was introducing I'll Come Runnin' Back to You, he first turned towards where PLS, Dreamer, and I were sitting and said "This one is for my girlfriends over there..." gesturing towards us, and then he turned to face out and added "who have come from all over the world!" Of course, as we know, that's indeed very true and it made me wonder if he knew somehow about FP and GA! Of course we were so freaking excited we were dying! He added, "They love this one!" (I assume he was referring to when I asked him if he would record it at Pebble Beach, and I said that I liked it). What a memory he has! We were so thrilled!

    Next was a smokin' version of Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed. He introduced it by commenting that it was written by Jack Tempchin and someone from Louisiana. It was terrific!

    Then it was time for his biggest hit, You Belong to the City. He sat at the piano for this one as well and, to my delight, he did NOT do the falsetto. He sang it straight up. Everyone was getting into this song. It still hits the spot today!

    After this, he walked off as if it were the end, but we knew more was coming!

    When he came back out for his encore, he started off with The Heat Is On. Of course, this his most well-known song as folks were dancing in their seats and really enjoying it. I think this is the first time this song has appeared as an encore. Cool!

    He moved from that into Heartache Tonight, which brought the house down! He rocked it and got a standing ovation after it.

    The next song: I Hear You Knockin'. This one always goes over very well live. People love it. It was great! Funny moment: before this, he looked at his fret and it was apparently incorrect. He said, "I'm glad I checked that fret because it needs to be turned up!"

    He went offstage again and I wasn't sure if he would come back, but I thought surely he would to play Take It Easy... well, I was wrong. He didn't come back to play that... but he did come back. The second encore song was Lyin' Eyes! He encouraged us all to sing along and people were eating it up. Great version. To our surprise, he ended with that. Another funny guitar moment: apparently he had been handed the wrong guitar. He said "Why did you give me a 12 string? It's hard enough to play a 6 string!" lol

    So many people hoped that he would come out to do another encore that when the lights came up, there was a collective "awwww." The Fallsview crowd couldn't get enough of Glenn!

    As far as band members go, he had a new bass player named Wade but I didn't catch his last name. I'll listen more carefully tomorrow! Steph - your Will was there! Also, Michael Thompson, Rich Mangicaro, Scott Crago, Richard Davis, and Danny Grenier were all there.

    Well, I'll end there and let the others talk about their special moments... GA especially has something to say!

    Always in our hearts, Never forgotten

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    Default Re: Niagara Falls 08-23-11

    VERY cool!!!

    I'm very excited about that solo album too. I love cover music and I bet it will be fantastic!!!!

    Also I'm LOL about the guitar moments. Thanks for including those!

    Can't wait to see pics!

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    Default Re: Niagara Falls 08-23-11

    Wow!! I'm thinking you all had an amazing time. Look forward to hearing more and hope you have just as much fun tonight.

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    Default Re: Niagara Falls 08-23-11

    Sounds fantastic!! So happy for you all firstly getting there together, then getting such a wonderful show, the big announcement, AND all the Glenn love - pure magic.

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    Default Re: Niagara Falls 08-23-11

    I knew you'd get some Glenn love!! Was talking to hubby last night about it and he even said he was sure Glenn would realize Nancy was there and acknowledge it. But to have him call you all "his girlfriends"....How flippin' cool that he does that every time!! Love it!

    You got me all excited when you started...."Now, Tim fans, you're going to be surprised"... I was thinking OMG---Timothy was there! Still cool that he did Caroline No.

    Can't wait to hear everyone else's reviews and take on the night. And more yet tonight!!! I'll be on here several times today checking for the updates. Have a great day of sightseeing and have fun tonight!!!!
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    Default Re: Niagara Falls 08-23-11

    Wow! He knew about you all coming from all over the world? Makes you wonder who some of those guest visitors on The Border might be.

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    Default Re: Niagara Falls 08-23-11

    Quote Originally Posted by Windeagle View Post
    Wow! He knew about you all coming from all over the world? Makes you wonder who some of those guest visitors on The Border might be. thoughts exactly Windeagle.....
    ~ Cathy ~

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    Default Re: Niagara Falls 08-23-11

    Quote Originally Posted by sodascouts View Post
    WOW! WHAT great news!

    So happy for you all that
    you had a fantastic time!

    Soda, thanks for your review! Thank you for share this great experiences of you and the others.
    The Setlist sounds wonderful to me!

    Can't wait to read more and to see pics!
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    Default Re: Niagara Falls 08-23-11

    I couldn't wait to get here this morning to read the review! Sounds like an amazing night!

    I would have been in heaven listening to The One You Love live. That song has been on my top 10 favorite songs list for as long as I can remember. Way before I even knew who Glenn Frey was!

    I LOVE that Glenn acknowledged you ladies! That is so awesome! He's a pretty cool guy. I hope you have some pics to share. Can't wait to hear some other little details.

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    Default Re: Niagara Falls 08-23-11


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