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Thread: Movie Soundtrack to Your Life

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    *snicker* Your fight song is too funny TF

    [OPENING CREDITS]: Won't Let You Down -keith urban

    [WAKING UP]: Your Day Will Come - Wynonna (beautiful song and true since I just woke up )

    [FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL]: Simple Man - Lynyrd Skynyrd

    [FALLING IN LOVE]: No One Else On Earth (live) - Wynonna (a rockin' song! )

    [FIGHT SONG]: Leather and Lace - Stevie Nicks/Don Henley (LOL!! Um...I think not )

    [BREAKING UP]: Victim of Love - eagles

    [PROM]: Boys of Summer - Don Henley

    [LIFE]: How Great Is Our God - Chris Tomlin

    [MENTAL BREAKDOWN]: Good Life - Audio Adrenaline

    [DRIVING]: Live to Love Another Day - Keith Urban (not a bad driving song!)

    [FLASHBACK]: Gavin's Song - Marc Broussard (LOVE this song!)

    [WEDDING]: Bring it on Home - Little Big Town

    [BIRTH OF CHILD]: I Will Hold My Head High - Third Day

    [FINAL BATTLE]: Old Time Rock & Roll - Bob Segar

    [DEATH SCENE]: Rescue Me - Wynonna Please do

    [FUNERAL SONG]: I Still Miss Someone - Martina McBride

    [END CREDITS]: Lonely Alone - Randy Meisner (pretty song)

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    I've been wanting to do this for ages but today is the first time in several weeks that I have a few uninterrupted hours! And I want to do it properly in one go! So lets see what I come up with
    Here Goes:
    [OPENING CREDITS]: Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go - Wham

    [WAKING UP]: Summer Night City - Abba

    [FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL]: Smugglers Blues - Glenn

    [FALLING IN LOVE]: You Make Loving Fun - Fleetwood Mac

    [FIGHT SONG]: I'll Tell me Ma! -Phil Coulter (and I will!)

    [BREAKING UP]: When The goin' gets Tough.... Billy Joel

    [PROM]: Waltz of the Flowers Tchaikowsky (Nutcracker)- sweet

    [LIFE]: The Sun Always Shines on TV - Aha

    [MENTAL BREAKDOWN]: Somewhere Over the Rainbow- Eva Casidy

    [DRIVING]: You Belong to the City - Glenn Oh very nice

    [FLASHBACK]: Gold Watch and Chain - Cotton mill boys

    [WEDDING]: Stand and Deliver - Adam and the Ants. (imagine if that had come up 1 later )

    [BIRTH OF CHILD]: In Pieces - Garth Brooks (you bet )

    [FINAL BATTLE]: The Best of my Love - The Eagles

    [DEATH SCENE]: In God's Country - U2 Hmm maybe, not quite yet

    [FUNERAL SONG]: Easy - The Commodores

    [END CREDITS]: Before the Ship Goes Down - Glenn

    This was better fun than I expected. Will do again soon!
    'I must be leaving soon... its your world now'
    Glenn Frey 1948-2016 RIP

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    I like I'll Tell Me Ma for Fight. I assume you are familiar with the version by Van Morrison & the Chieftains.

    And Waltz of the Flowers for a Prom - how sweet!

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    Hey GAN, your song for "Mental Breakdown", is that David Cassidy's daughter by any chance? I had heard something about that he has a daughter following in his footsteps. That, and, how is her version of this? I love "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" and am always looking for covers. It's such a beautiful song!
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    I haven't played in a few days. I feel the need!!!

    [OPENING CREDITS]: Down Boys - Warrant

    [WAKING UP]: Don't Speak - No Doubt

    [FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL]: Rock of Ages - Def Leppard

    [FALLING IN LOVE]: Right Now - Van Halen

    [FIGHT SONG]: Who Let The Dogs Out - Baha Men

    [BREAKING UP]: Christine Sixteen - Kiss

    [PROM]: Spirits of Ancient Egypt - Paul McCartney and Wings

    [LIFE]: Just Like a Pill - Pink

    [MENTAL BREAKDOWN]: The Long and Winding Road - Beatles

    [DRIVING]: People Have the Power - Patty Smith

    [FLASHBACK]: When it All Began - Poco (haha!)

    [WEDDING]: Rave On - Jimmy Page, Albert Lee, John Paul Jones

    [BIRTH OF CHILD]: Take it to the Limit - Randy Meisner (live)

    [FINAL BATTLE]: Too Many Hands - Eagles

    [DEATH SCENE]: Funk #49 - James Gang

    [FUNERAL SONG]: Kryptonite - Three Doors Down

    [END CREDITS]: Lil' Devil - The Cult
    "I'm not here for your entertainment, you don't really wanna mess with me tonight ....." -- Pink

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    [OPENING CREDITS]: I'm So Afraid (Live 1975) - Fleetwood Mac uh-oh! That doesn't bode well! lol

    [WAKING UP]: Saturday Night - Eagles

    [FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL]: Breathe Again - Toni Braxton

    [FALLING IN LOVE]: Crystal - Buckingham Nicks

    [FIGHT SONG]: Valleri - The Monkees

    [BREAKING UP]: Sing Your Praise to the Lord - Amy Grant Must have been a really bad relationship!

    [PROM]: I Wish You Would - Train

    [LIFE]: True - Spandau Ballet

    [MENTAL BREAKDOWN]: The Warrior - Patti Smyth

    [DRIVING]: Ain't It Love - Glenn Frey

    [FLASHBACK]: Take It to the Limit (Live Millennium Concert Version) - Eagles

    [WEDDING]: Hotel California - Eagles Um...OK

    [BIRTH OF CHILD]: Angel - Fleetwood Mac aw!

    [FINAL BATTLE]: Brave New World - Glenn Frey cool!

    [DEATH SCENE]: If You Leave Me Now - Peter Cetera aw again

    [FUNERAL SONG]: Go Your Own Way - Fleetwood Mac lol!

    [END CREDITS]: Linger - The Cranberries


    With a couple exceptions, this is definitely my best one yet!

    Always in our hearts, Never forgotten

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    [OPENING CREDITS]: Don't Let Me Get Me - Pink

    [WAKING UP]: We're All Alone - Boz Scaggs

    [FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL]: How You Remind Me - Nickelback

    [FALLING IN LOVE]: We're Not Gonna Take It - Twisted Sister

    [FIGHT SONG]: Me and My Foolish Heart - Johnny Hates Jazz

    [BREAKING UP]: Learning to Fly - Pink Floyd

    [PROM]: Jitter Bug - Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

    [LIFE]: 25 or 6 to 4 - Vince Neil (cover)

    [MENTAL BREAKDOWN]: Enter Sandman - Metallica (I think this'll work!)

    [DRIVING]: There She Goes - Sixpence None the Richer

    [FLASHBACK]: Real Wild Child (Wild One) - Iggy Pop

    [WEDDING]: The Air that I Breathe - The Hollies

    [BIRTH OF CHILD]: With or Without You - U2

    [FINAL BATTLE]: James Dean - Eagles

    [DEATH SCENE]: Going for the One - Yes

    [FUNERAL SONG]: Gimme Three Steps - Lynryd Skynryd

    [END CREDITS]: Stuck in the Middle - Steelers Wheel
    "I'm not here for your entertainment, you don't really wanna mess with me tonight ....." -- Pink

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    [OPENING CREDITS]: The One You Love--Glenn Frey (awww)

    [WAKING UP]: What About Love--Heart

    [FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL]: All You Need is Love--The Beatles (cute)

    [FALLING IN LOVE]: Help Me Through the Night--Joe Walsh (!!!!!)

    [FIGHT SONG]: Desperado--The Eagles (ha-not quite lively enough)

    [BREAKING UP]: Wasted Time--The Eagles (good one!)

    [PROM]: All Those Lies--Glenn Frey (!)

    [LIFE]: Widowmaker--Poco

    [MENTAL BREAKDOWN]: For Everyman--Jackson Browne (hmm)

    [DRIVING]: Before The Ship Goes Down--Glenn Frey

    [FLASHBACK]: Still The Same--Bob Seger (good one!)

    [WEDDING]: Simple Man--Lynyrd Skynyrd

    [BIRTH OF CHILD]: Lives in the Balance--Jackson Browne

    [FINAL BATTLE]: Train Leaves Here This Morning--The Eagles (!!!)

    [DEATH SCENE]: From Me to You--Beatles

    [FUNERAL SONG]: The Last Resort--The Eagles (good!)

    [END CREDITS]: Go and Say Goodbye--Buffalo Springfield
    "They will never forget you 'till somebody new comes along"
    1948-2016 Gone but not forgotten

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    I've done another one of these:

    [OPENING CREDITS]: It Makes No Difference - The Band

    [WAKING UP]: The Way That You Do It - Gerry Rafferty

    [FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL]: Masters Of War - Bob Dylan

    [FALLING IN LOVE]: Brain Damage - Pink Floyd

    [FIGHT SONG]: A Man Needs A Maid - Neil Young (shouldn't those last two be reversed)?

    [BREAKING UP]: Mama Told Me Not To Come - Randy Newman (right)!

    [PROM]: Good Day In Hell - Eagles

    [LIFE]: Wasted Time (Reprise) - Eagles (OK....)

    [MENTAL BREAKDOWN]: 4% Pantomime - The Band with Van Morrison

    [DRIVING]: Nobody Else In The World But You - Don Henley ('the way you drive'.... haven't we all thought that annoying drivers think they are the only people on the road)?

    [FLASHBACK]: In Germany Before The War - Randy Newman (indeed)

    [WEDDING]: I'm A Loser - Beatles (OH DEAR)!

    [BIRTH OF CHILD]: Marbletown - Mark Knopfler

    [FINAL BATTLE]: Heart Of Glass - Blondie

    [DEATH SCENE]: Midnight Train To Georgia - Gladys Knight & the Pips

    [FUNERAL SONG]: No Shoe Strings On Louise - Elton John

    [END CREDITS]: Sweet Virginia - Rolling Stones (coincidence, just like Masters of War is a coincidence).

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    And another:

    [OPENING CREDITS]: Testimony - Robbie Robertson

    [WAKING UP]: Out Of Control - Eagles

    [FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL]: Magnolia - Poco

    [FALLING IN LOVE]: I Want You - Bob Dylan (AWWW - at least it wasn't Positively 4th Street)

    [FIGHT SONG]: Look What The Cat Dragged In - Rolling Stones :P

    [BREAKING UP]: Miami - Randy Newman

    [PROM]: Mama Weer All Crazee Now - Slade (this is a prom in the English Midlands, apparently)

    [LIFE]: Northern Muse (Solid Ground) - Van Morrison

    [MENTAL BREAKDOWN]: Mother Nature's Son - Beatles

    [DRIVING]: Taxman - Beatles

    [FLASHBACK]: Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues - Bob Dylan (nice)

    [WEDDING]: Keep Me In Your Heart - Warren Zevon

    [BIRTH OF CHILD]: Whoah - Midnight Oil

    [FINAL BATTLE]: Can't Buy Me Love - Beatles

    [DEATH SCENE]: Kiss Lonely Goodbye - Stevie Wonder

    [FUNERAL SONG]: Ruby Tuesday - Rolling Stones (it could be).

    [END CREDITS]: Somebody Else - Glenn Frey

    And BK, Eva Cassidy was a singer who died very young. She was no relation to David Cassidy (a hero of mine back in 1972)!

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