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Thread: Movie Soundtrack to Your Life

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    I have all albums of Sarah McLachlan. Do You like the last??
    I also like Jewel, my favourite album is Spirit and Absence Of Fear is my favourite song. I also like Cranberries and my favourite is Dreaming in My Dreams. I like the first album of the Corrs. I really like Deja Vu of Crosby,Stills,Nash&Young. Harvest is my favourite Neil Young album.
    I like Loreena McKennith and Enya.
    I like also Flying withouth wings, is one of my favourite. But Learn To Be Still and The End Of The Innocence are my two favourites songs! Unfortunately my I-Pod had some Problem.

    Do You trade Sarah McLachlan???
    Have You got Live Shows?
    Remember when the days were long ...


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    This is the only Sarah McLachlan bootleg I have:

    Always in our hearts, Never forgotten

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    Quote Originally Posted by timfan
    [OPENING CREDITS]: Superman's Song-Crash Test Dummies

    [WAKING UP]: One Day at a Time-Eagles

    [FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL]: Wasted Time-Eagles (ask any teenager if they feel they are wasting time at school :P )

    [FALLING IN LOVE]: I am your Angel-Celine Dion

    [FIGHT SONG]: I Only Have Eye's For You-Timothy B. Schmit

    [BREAKING UP]: My Heart will go on-Celine Dion

    [PROM]:The Rose-Better Midler

    [LIFE]: Please come home for Christmas-Jon Bon Jovi

    [MENTAL BREAKDOWN]: Seven Bridges Road-Eagles

    [DRIVING]:One of these nights-Eagles

    [FLASHBACK]:Breakaway-Kelly Clarkson

    [WEDDING]: I'll Tell the World-Barnstorm

    [BIRTH OF CHILD]: So Much in Love-Timothy B. Schmit

    [FINAL BATTLE]: Let it be Me-Jackson Browne & Timothy B. Schmit

    [DEATH SCENE]: Here I am Lord-John Micheal Talbot

    [FUNERAL SONG]: Til You Came Into My Life-Colm Wilkinson

    [END CREDITS]: Dust in the Wind- Eagles or Kansas

    That was fun! tho the death scene song I find a bit spooky as it was the hymn we choose for my gramma's funeral!
    Kansas ...
    Be part of something good,
    Leave something good behind.

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    Haven't done this lately!

    OPENING CREDITS: Simple Man-Lynyrd Skynyrd (I love this song)

    WAKING UP: Visions-Eagles (!!!)

    FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL: The One You Love-Glenn Frey

    FALLING IN LOVE: Lonely Ole Night-John Mellencamp

    FIGHT SONG: Heartache Tonight-Eagles

    BREAKING UP: Deja Vu (All Over Again)-John Fogerty (Ha!)

    PROM: Who's Crying Now-Journey (Too funny!)

    LIFE: Needles and Pins-The Searchers

    MENTAL BREAKDOWN: Something to Believe in-Poison

    DRIVING: American Woman-The Guess Who

    FLASHBACK: R.O.C.K. in the USA-John Mellencamp

    WEDDING: Don't Stop-Fleetwood Mac Haha!!!!

    BIRTH OF CHILD: New Kid in Town-Eagles (Cool)

    FINAL BATTLE: They're Not Here, They're Not Coming-Don Henley (!!!)

    DEATH SCENE: Aqua Tranquillo-Glenn Frey

    FUNERAL SONG: Try and Love Again-Eagles (Haha!!!)

    END CREDITS: Up Around the Bend-John Fogerty (Cool!)

    These were pretty good!
    "They will never forget you 'till somebody new comes along"
    1948-2016 Gone but not forgotten

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    I'm glad this has been revived - with 5500 tracks it will be more diverse.

    OPENING CREDITS: Bette Davis Eyes - Kim Carnes

    WAKING UP: Young At Heart - Frank Sinatra

    FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL: Twisting By The Pool - Dire Straits

    FALLING IN LOVE: When A Boy Falls In Love - Sam Cooke (really)!

    FIGHT SONG: Farewell Angelina - Bob Dylan (right)

    BREAKING UP: Rip Her To Shreds - Blondie (well, meow)!

    PROM: Fragilidad - Sting

    LIFE: Neptune The Mystic - Holst

    MENTAL BREAKDOWN: Brandenburg Concerto #3 - Allegro - Bach (hey, if you're going to have a breakdown do it with class)

    DRIVING: You'll Accomp'ny Me - Bob Seger

    FLASHBACK: Edge Of Reality - Elvis Presley - indeed.

    WEDDING: And The Healing Has Begun - Van Morrison (AWW)

    BIRTH OF CHILD: Let It All Go - Mark Knopfler (umm - yes)

    FINAL BATTLE: Babooshka - Kate Bush

    DEATH SCENE: If Dirt Were Dollars - Don Henley

    FUNERAL SONG: I Could Have Been A Sailor - Peter Allen

    END CREDITS: 22000 Days - Moody Blues

    An interesting selection if I say so myself.

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    well you both had such great rounds that you convinced me to give it a whirl again

    OPENING CREDITS: Taking You Home - Don Henley (live - storytellers)

    WAKING UP: The Last Goodbye - James Morrisson (well that would be a depressing thought!)

    FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL: I Want To Know You - Jennifer Knapp

    FALLING IN LOVE: Peaceful Easy Feeling - Eagles (millenium show) aww!

    FIGHT SONG: Nobody - Robert Randolph & the Family Band

    BREAKING UP: Miracles - Newsong

    PROM: You Met Your Match - Marc Broussard

    LIFE: Never Alone - MercyMe (perfect for me!)

    MENTAL BREAKDOWN: Straight from the Heart - Brian Adams

    DRIVING: Life Ain't Always Beautiful - Gary Allan (while a beautiful, and very true's not exactly a driving song lol)

    FLASHBACK: Already Gone - Eagles

    WEDDING: Take That as a Yes - Phil Vasser

    BIRTH OF CHILD: Somewhere, Someway, Somehow - Travis Tritt

    FINAL BATTLE: Funky New Year - Eagles (oooook then)

    DEATH SCENE: The Word is Alive - Casting Crowns

    FUNERAL SONG: Friends in Low Places - Garth Brooks ( wow..that's sad)

    END CREDITS: Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes - George Jones

    interesting.......but I liked both of yours better

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    Default Re: Movie Soundtrack to Your Life

    [OPENING CREDITS]: Easy Lover ~Phil Collins!

    [WAKING UP]: Good Things Happen ~Dierks Bentley

    [FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL]: Trash ~Korn~

    [FALLING IN LOVE]: The Next Voice You Hear ~Jackson Browne~

    [FIGHT SONG]: Half Of My Heart ~John Mayer~

    [BREAKING UP]: Waiting On a Train ~Matchbox Twenty~

    [PROM]: This Could Be Love ~The Cars~

    [LIFE]: Intro ~Breaking Benjamin~

    [MENTAL BREAKDOWN]: Attracted to Us ~Lonely Island~

    [DRIVING]: Sooner or Later ~Breaking Benjamin

    [FLASHBACK]: Heartbreaker ~The Rasmus~

    [WEDDING]: The Battle of One ~Thirty Seconds to Mars~

    [BIRTH OF CHILD]: You Make Me Real ~The Doors~

    [FINAL BATTLE]: Forever Young ~Rod Stewart~

    [DEATH SCENE]: Jingle Bells ~Austrian Death Machine (LOL)

    [FUNERAL SONG]: Another Brick in the Wall ~Korn's version

    [END CREDITS]: Like Sugar ~Matchbox Twenty

    You came along and changed my life Glenn!!

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    Default Re: Movie Soundtrack to Your Life

    [OPENING CREDITS]: Shout it Out Loud--KISS

    [WAKING UP]: Yer Blues--Beatles

    [FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL]: Hungry Heart--Bruce Springsteen

    [FALLING IN LOVE]: The One I Love--R.E.M.

    [FIGHT SONG]: Fool Button--Jimmy Buffett

    [BREAKING UP]: Take it Easy--Eagles (HFO)

    [PROM]: Baby Come Back--Player

    [LIFE]: Angel Band--Peasall Sisters

    [MENTAL BREAKDOWN]: The Greeks Don't Want No Freaks--Eagles

    [DRIVING]: That Lady--Isley Brothers

    [FLASHBACK]: It Ain't Me Babe--Turtles

    [WEDDING]: I Want You--KISS

    [BIRTH OF CHILD]: I Can't Stop Loving You--Chieftans/Don Williams

    [FINAL BATTLE]: Sam Hall--Johnny Cash

    [DEATH SCENE]: Smooth Criminal--Alien Ant Farm (?!)

    [FUNERAL SONG]: Easy Thing--Peter Criss

    [END CREDITS]: Warm Ways--Fleetwood Mac

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    Default Re: Movie Soundtrack to Your Life

    OPENING CREDITS: Romance In Durango - Bob Dylan (Very cinematic song)

    WAKING UP: Come On Over - Bee Gees (any other suggestions)?!

    FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL: This Is Radio Clash - The Clash (Rebel rebel)!

    FALLING IN LOVE: What's That You're Doing - McCartney/Wonder

    FIGHT SONG: Steppin' Out - Cream

    BREAKING UP: Alan Watts Blues - Van Morrison

    PROM: The Lady Is A Tramp - Frank Sinatra (er... I have heard how competitive & bitchy these proms are)....

    LIFE: Into Temptation - Crowded House

    MENTAL BREAKDOWN: Ballerina - Van Morrison (she had had enough of Van raving at her about stepping right up)

    DRIVING: The World Tonight - Paul McCartney

    FLASHBACK: Fortune Teller - Plant/Krauss (other way round, surely)

    WEDDING: Wow - Kate Bush

    BIRTH OF CHILD: El Macho - Mark Knopfler (nothing like a stereotype to get the kid off to a good start)!

    FINAL BATTLE: The Only Living Boy In New York - Simon & Garfunkel (er...)

    DEATH SCENE: Laughter In The Rain - Neil Sedaka

    FUNERAL SONG: It's A Sin - Pet Shop Boys

    END CREDITS: Ma Ma Ma-Belle - ELO

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