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Thread: Glenn the axeman!

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    Quote Originally Posted by New Kid In Town View Post
    I do know that back in the 60's the world was not as "left-handed friendly" as it is now. I had an uncle(RIP) who, back in the day, was forced to become right handed in school.
    Same with my grandmother. My Dad is left-handed as well, and I remember he and my Mom taking me to kindergarten orientation (a one-on-one with the teacher) and telling her that I was left-handed and she was in no way to try to change that. Of course the attitudes were much different (over half a century ago, ouch! but the sixties) than when my grandmother grew up.

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    My sister is a lefty and plays guitar right-handed. She said that's just what felt natural to her. I guess it just varies by person.

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    I'm a lefty myself. Luckily I wasn't forced to write right-handed since I grew up in the 80s and 90s, but those freaking right handed desk was a problem. LOL Either give me a full or have more left-handed desk instead of one. LOL

    Anyway. I would love to one day learn how to play the guitar. My late uncle used to have a guitar and I remembered for years it was stuck in a closet at my grandma's house. I wonder if its still in there over 25 years later.

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    Back in the day it was very hard to get left handed guitars.

    So you either had to learn right handed or flip the guitar upside down and either play it with the strings backwards or restring it like you would a lefty guitar.

    Great example of that would be Jimi Hendrix's Stratocaster he used at Woodstock. Right handed typical Strat for the time, upside down but strung lefty.
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