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Thread: Atlanta 5/02/2012

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    Default Re: my review of Atlanta

    Hi Oscarmom, and welcome...I loved seeing your pics...I was there too...but you really lucked out on your can't imagine what you were thinking when you saw you had row 2...I was in Row 9 and was a very happy camper!...I see it was your first time seeing them too...are you a long time fan?...I hope you enjoy your Aerosmith concert...and again Welcome and thanks for the pics.

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    Default Re: my review of Atlanta

    Welcome oscarmom!!!! And congrats on the 2nd row ticket! Thanks much for sharing with us. Nice pics!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by oscarmom View Post
    I particularly liked the Joe Walsh songs, those took me back.
    Hard to make the point of less solo songs and more Eagles like the ongoing discussion in the Change the Setlist thread when you see statements like this! They are great songs, for sure!!!
    He sings it high, he plays it low

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    been an Eagles fan for a long time- my second favorite band. ( ok, go ahead and yell at me !). first and foremost is Aerosmith. never seen them in concert and decided now's the time. who knows how much longer they can do this. this tour might be it. they are all getting older, so am I.

    also love Tom Petty, saw him April 29 same venue in GA ( got an ok seat for that). he was great and gives you your money's worth- played over 2 and a half hours non stop. the American Girl encore was unbelievable

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    Default Re: my review of Atlanta

    Welcome, oscarmom, and thanks for sharing your photos (loved the dog photo too!). You got some nice shots there!

    I saw CSN in Auckland in March - they sounded great. Hope you get to go and enjoy!

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    Default Re: my review of Atlanta

    Welcome and glad to hear you enjoyed the concert.

    I'm very jealous about the Aerosmith show - they are definitely in my top 5 bands and I'm a big Joe Perry fan and he's a huge influence on me as a guitarist. Aerosmith is an amazing band.
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