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Thread: Eagles 40th Anniversary

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    Default Eagles 40th Anniversary

    Well today is a pretty momentous occasion in Eagles history. This is the day the band's self-titled first album was released.


    I know we have a separate celebration thread to honor the album, but this day is so special I thought it deserves a thread of it's own. We can use this thread to celebrate the 40 year history of America's greatest band all week. Post your favorite Eagles moment, your favorite song, album, or anything else you want to share. Any of you have any ideas about what can we do here on The Border to make this 40th celebration special? Okay - take it away Borderers ... post on!!!

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    Default Re: Eagles 40th Anniversary

    my my how time flies when you're having fun...I wonder if the guys remember the date and the significance of it in history...

    Happy Anniversary Eagles...I Love You!!!

    It took me almost 40 years to get to see them live but I finally did it 5/2/12...and it's a date I will never forget and an evening I will never forget no matter how many more times I see them in the future...truly was a dream come true...:

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    Default Re: Eagles 40th Anniversary

    Zelda, I totally echo your sentiments on never forgetting seeing the boys for the first (but hopefully not the last!!) time live. WOW.

    Biggest unexpected high: Long Road Out of Eden live (had never heard it before, totally amazing)

    Favourite song to watch or listen to: the HFO version of New York Minute - where it all started for me (i.e. going from liking some songs to becoming totally obsessed with everything Eagles!). Even though it was originally a Don solo creation, the HFO version makes it seem so "right". Beautiful harmonies, amazing musicality - the things I associate with the Eagles.

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    Default Re: Eagles 40th Anniversary

    Happy 40th Birthday Eagles!

    Happy Birthday to the band that if they had never existed - I very likely would not be alive today... I'll write about my favorite song, album, era, members, and more tidbits about the band later when I have more time tonight. Most of it won't be a surprise to those who know me and have been here awhile.

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    Default Re: Eagles 40th Anniversary

    I know this sounds melodramatic, but I can't even imagine my life without Eagles music in it. Glenn has said in interviews that fans have told him about doing things to Eagles music, but I've done things because of Eagles music. The conversations that have started and friendships made because of a mutual love of their music amazes me. All through my life, but especially the friends I've made, real friends, through this message board! And it all started with an album released 40 years ago today. Wow.

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    Default Re: Eagles 40th Anniversary

    I don't usually make it to The Border on the weekends, but since I did, I have to post in this thread. Thanks for starting it, dreamer!

    Happy 40th Anniversary Eagles!

    It's where it all started for me, 40 years ago! When I first heard the album I loved it all. Take It Easy was, and still is, my all time favorite Eagles song. My husband and I have listened to all their albums all the time over the years ever since and were devestated when they broke up and elated when they got back together. They have been the soundtrack to our lives, for sure. But this album was the beginning.
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    Default Re: Eagles 40th Anniversary

    Happy 40th Anniversary, Eagles!

    I'll probably post favorite moments/albums/songs when I have more time, but for now, I'll say this: To put things in perspective, I wasn't even alive when they released this album, or the others after it. I wasn't even alive when they broke up and I wasn't alive when hell froze over. But the first time I heard the opening notes of Victim Of Love at seven years old, I knew that this band would be one I'd be listening to for a long time. After nine years, two concerts and a new album, the Eagles are still my favorite band of all time. Their music has been there through the highs, the lows, and the days where I felt like listening to all of their songs and solo songs in a row for no reason. (I did that once and it took eight hours. ) The two concerts I've attended were some of the best I've ever been to, even though both had bad seats; and because I came here, I found out about Joe Walsh going on a solo tour and now I'm going to see him at Summerfest in about two weeks. And even though my family still teases me about it, I don't regret having a huge crush on Don as a kid. HFO Henley is HOT!
    So happy birthday, Eagles! And thanks for 40 years of freakin' amazing music and here's to many more.
    ~ Tori

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    Default Re: Eagles 40th Anniversary

    Why are we still talking about the Eagles after 40 years? Because they are a talented group. They don't need anything but their instruments and their voices to put on a show. No fancy dance moves, no wild special effects, no crazy costumes, just their talent. OK, their looks don't hurt.

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    Default Re: Eagles 40th Anniversary


    40 years WOW! This is a milestone!

    What would my life be without this band? Most likely the same as now But it would be missing a lot of special wonderful music! And I would never have "met" you all!
    "For the record, we never broke up, we just took a 14-year vacation!"
    (Glenn Frey)

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    Default Re: Eagles 40th Anniversary

    Well what more can I add but,


    to the most incredible band in the world!! I've been listening to Eagles music since the mid 70s, think it was the Greatest Hits album belonging to my sister (the one with the blue cover) and just about wore it never got around to buying any others!! I really don't know why that was, I guess because I used to listen to them on radio quite a lot and didn't think about buying any more albums.

    I really only started listening to Eagles when I came to Sydney in late 1975 so it took awhile for me to start getting the hang of the music scene (came from Norfolk Island - long story about the accessibility of the music )..and so...[cough, cough]...I am ashamed to say I don't have any Eagles albums in my possession now, only two DVDs which I bought recently (F1 Tour and HFO a few days ago)..F1 got a real work out for a few days, picked out all my faves and rewatched them, got a chance to observe some of the finer nuances of the guys and watched quite a few songs on HFO that I hadn't heard before.

    I have my eye on a double CD of greatest hits (the white cover) in my local music store so that is on my very belated list of music loitering..just lately I've been catching up on lots of songs from YT.

    Love the idea of people doing stuff to as well doing stuff because of Eagles music

    Also, kinda hard looking at them all the time when they sing

    so that's all given me an idea my son's just left the house and in my mind, the only way to listen to New York Minute and Across The Border is with a coupla glasses of a nice sweet white with the headphones cranked up REAL LOUD to simulate the concert experience I've never had (1...2....3...everybody go, awwwwwwwwwwww)

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