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Thread: Atlantic City 9/01/12

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    Default Re: Atlantic City 9/01

    Quote Originally Posted by Tiffanny Twisted View Post
    See , I knew there were blue eyes in there somewhere,

    Sorry Gl, I am still stuck on the tight jeans and how good he looked last night.

    still wanna vaca there on the isle of Eagles...
    LOL! I'd be stuck on the tight jeans too!

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    Default Re: Atlantic City 9/01

    Thanks for the review Tiff! Glad you had such a great time. I hope everyone going tonight are treated to another musical feast from our boys!
    'I must be leaving soon... its your world now'
    Glenn Frey 1948-2016 RIP

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glennsallnighter View Post
    Thanks for the review Tiff! Glad you had such a great time. I hope everyone going tonight are treated to another musical feast from our boys!
    Your welcome for the review.

    Your lips to gods ears but I am sure they are in good hands as well.

    This is a wondeful venue for music .the stage is the best I have seen except for Celine Dion in Vegas, but it ws designed by the same people.

    One of the highlights of my life......just to be able to see the band whose music is such a big part of the soundtrack of my life....

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    Quote Originally Posted by GlennLover View Post
    LOL! I'd be stuck on the tight jeans too!
    Me too! I know I go on and on(and on and on...etc) about Will, but whenever I see the Eagles I always get 'led astray' by Glenn! especially if I'm front row & he smiles in my direction.

    Don looks pretty good in tight jeans too - I remember noticing that particularly in Ireland in 2009, when he was wearing a well-worn tight pair.

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    Default Re: Atlantic City 9/01


    Revel Hotel and Casino,
    Atlantic City, New Jersey

    September 1, 2012

    I could not think of a better way to close out the summer of 2012 than a concert by the Eagles. The concert took place at the newly opened Revel hotel and casino, Atlantic New Jersey. The venue is very similar to the concert hall at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was designed by the same architects.

    This concert was preceded by an opening act, something that is a rare occurrence at an Eagles concert. The band “JD and the Straight Shot” featuring their album “Midnight Run” was on stage when I entered the theater. I thought it was interesting to note that long time Hall and Oates bass player, Zev Katz, was playing bass and upright base for JD. JD and the Straight Shot finished their performance at 8:25 PM. The stage hands quickly set about the task of getting the stage ready for the main attraction.

    At 9:04 PM the players took the stage. First the back-up musicians took their positions followed by the Eagles walking on stage being led by Timothy B. Schmit, Don Henley, Glenn Frey and Joe Walsh. The group was not wearing the attire they wore for the first part of the “Long Road Out of Eden” tour. The suits are gone with one exception. Joe Walsh was wearing a tuxedo trimmed with a western style bunting. He also wore a medalion over a mock turtle-neck shirt. TBS, Glenn Frey were similarly attired, each wearing a white shirt, Glenn’s being unbuttoned worn over top of a white t-shirt. Don Henley was similarly attired except he was wearing a black leather vest over his untucked white shirt. Noticeably absent was the horn section. No brass or woodwinds for this concert.

    The first surprise of the night was the opening number, "Seven Bridges Road" featuring the Eagles five part harmony, Steuart Smith providing the fifth voice. I have been to concerts in the past where it takes a song or two to get the sound right. That was not the case tonight…the sound was incredible! It sounded like a recording that may have been tweaked several times except they were doing it live. Flawless! TBS played the Fender bass, Don H. played a black Takamine acoustic guitar, Glenn Frey played his Takamine acoustic and Joe W played a reddish orange Duesenberg semi hollow body guitar. This was the first time ever I have seen Steuart Smith play a Gibson SG, something he would do frequently during the course of the show.

    At the conclusion of Seven Bridges, the lights went down briefly as a couple of the players changed instruments and they immediately went into a performance of “How Long” which the crowd responded to with a sustained round of applause. The group used essentially the same gear they had used for the opening number.

    The next surprise came after the next number. The band struck up “Take It to the Limit” and Don Henley was clearly annoyed. As the song came to its conclusion, Don stepped up to his microphone and said, “JD, JD” twice and was pointing to a guy that was standing up and holding a digital video camera recording the song. At the conclusion of the song Mr. Henley made the announcement, “Filming the concert is a violation of American copyright law and is prohibited. If we wanted to be on You Tube we would put ourselves up there.”

    Glenn Frey added to Henley’s admonishment by saying, “There is much better video available of us from earlier in our careers. My kids take better pictures of us than anything you’ll find there (You Tube).”

    Henley came across as angry while Frey put a little more humorous spin on his remarks. But very much to my surprise, they were not nearly as strict with picture taking as they were in 2008. When I attended the concerts in 2008, at the then First Union Center in Philadelphia (now known as the Wachovia) in 2008, I saw several people get ejected from the concert for taking pictures. If you were caught by security with a camera or phone out, you were gone. During that time someone on “The Border” referred to the security people as the “camera Nazis”, a term, after watching the actions of the security, seemed quite appropriate. My idea on it is that Don should grin and bear it. With everybody being armed with a video capable smart phone, if somebody wants to steal a video clip, they are going to do it. The only way you can stop it is not perform live shows, something I hope they don’t do. I will concede that the guy Henley complained about was pretty brazen and needed to be shown the door.

    The next song on the set list was “Peaceful, Easy Feeling”. For this song they changed it up a bit, with Don Henley moving to the drums, Scott Crago moving to the percussion stand. Glenn Frey introduced this song as his idea of “California country rock”. During this song the audience paid what could possibly be the highest tribute an audience can give to a performance. While the Eagles performed the song you could clearly hear many people audibly singing along with the performance. Steuart Smith worked some magic on the Axis Silhouette he was playing, masterfully gliding on and bending the strings to create the unique guitar track that this song features.

    The band changed it up yet again for the performance of “I Can’t Tell You Why” featuring the vocal talents of Timothy B. Schmit. Glenn moved to an electric piano that was on the stage and Joe stepped back and played the organ. It was reminiscent of the performance of the same song on “Farewell I”. This was the only song that Timothy sang lead vocal on during this concert. At the end of the song he took what I call his signature bow to the audience.

    The lights went down again briefly while the guys again did one of their frequent instrument changes. When they came back up Don was still sitting behind the drums, Steuart had donned a semi hollow bodied Gibson 335 and Timothy had switched from his brown Fender bass to a white one. The band performed “Witchy Woman”. The next surprise came with the guitar solo wahich was performed not by Joe Walsh or Steuart Smith, but by Glenn Frey playing a nameless black single cutaway solid body guitar. It was outstanding. As an amateur guitar player I noticed that as Steuart and Joe played along with Glenn, they were playing the same melody but with different phrasing which made the entire guitar performance sound incredibly full. You could relly tell they enjoyed playing with each other. As this song ended Steuart and Joe "fist pumped" each other, something they would do several times during the course of the show.

    At the conclusion of "Witchy Woman", Glenn stepped up to the microphone, while Joe switched to a 12 string and announced, “It’s time to go back to 1975”. The band then moved into a performance of “Lyin’ Eyes. Once again, you could clearly hear that many people in attendance were singing along with the performance. I once read this is the biggest compliment an audience can pay to a performer. It happened repeated throughout the course of this show.

    The crowd really came to their feet for the next number. The lights went down and Joe had switched to a silver Fender Stratocaster and began the familiar beginning of “Walk Away”. Everywhere I looked, people were up and dancing. In his usual fashion, Joe Walsh was stealing the show. It has happened in every Eagles concert I have ever attended.

    The lights went down again as the guys switched instruments. When they came up Don, Glenn and Steuart were all playing Fender Telecasters as the familiar beginning of “Boys of Summer” was struck up. As the song was performed a video was shown on a giant screen behind the players, depicting each scene in the song as Don belted out the verses. Glenn and Steuart keyed off one another, each performing a part of the solos featured in this song. This is my favorite Don Henley song and the performance was better than any of the previous ones I had seen. It is one of those songs you never tire of.

    The video was a big part of the next song the guys played, “In the City”. Apparently Glenn is doing his guitar shopping with Joe as he donned a white semi –hollow bodied Duesenberg guitar, equipped with a whammy bar which he wasn’t shy about using. While they performed the song the video depicted scenes from city life that were shot in New York. This song featured another one of their many improvisations as Joe performed a solo using a wah-wah pedal as he played on the highest part of the fret board. For this one Don was on the percussion stand as Scott Crago had returned to the drums.

    The lights went down and when they came back up Don Henley was center stage holding the microphone. He announced that 2012 was the 40th anniversary of the Eagles which ignited a loud, long round of applause. He continued by quipping, “If we would have known we would have been around this long we would have taken better care of ourselves.” After a pause he added, "Not!" Then he lightened up a little by jokingly observing, “We would look much better for all you film makers out there.” Which got a round of laughter and applause clearly lightening up after his earlier, grouchy , copyright announcement. His final observation was, “I guess that this makes our next song sort of our theme.”

    The players struck up the familiar beginning to “Long Run” which Don belted out holding only the microphone while Glenn, TBS and Joe would congregate around various mic stands to sing the background vocals. Timothy had switched to a black bass and Joe was playing slide guitar on an Axis Silhouette with a brown sparkle finish.

    At the conclusion of “Long Run”, Glenn stepped up to the microphone and asked, “How are we doing?” which was greeted by a round of applause. He then proceeded to introduce the players. He began by introducing Steuart Smith, observing that he (Smith) had spent more time in Washington DC than most others. Next he introduced Richard Davis on keyboards, percussion and background vocals, Will Hollis, keyboards, Scott Crago, drums, Michael Thompson, keyboards. Then the comedy show began.

    An electric siren was sounded and Glenn mad the announcement, “Joe, your limousine is here, you know, the black and white limos you like to ride in.” which got the crowd laughing. He next introduced Timothy B. Schmit observing he was the band’s package, bringing the high vocals and low bass sound. As the crowd applauded, Timothy walked up to the mic and introduced Glenn Frey. As the applause died down, Glenn observed while he danced around, “I am from Detroit, Michigan, where mother is half of a word.” This resulted in laughter and a loud round of applause. Glenn then resumed his front man duties and introduced Don Heneley to a loud round of applause. Then Glen really stoked the crowd by saying, “Here is a man known to law enforcement and hotel staffs the world over, New Jersey’s own Joe Walsh.”

    As one might expect, making such a remark to a crowd in New Jersey brought about a thunderous round of applause and a standing ovation, as Joe stepped up to the mic and asked the customary, “How you doing?”

    The audience loudly responded, “How you doin’?”

    To which Joe again asked, “How you doin’? Is the statute of limitations up yet?

    This led to a sustained round of audience laughter.

    Joe then said, “I’m going to sing a song and I invite you all to sing along. If you don’t like it, pick your own song and sing along with it”

    As the laughter subsided He struck up the familiar beginning of “Life’s Been Good”. As the song was performed the video playing in the background depicted Joe in his younger days riding a tank, on a boat, breaking walls in a hotel room with a sledge hammer and a whole assortment of video scenes depicting Joe in various scenes that led to his famous reputation for mischief. As he performed the song’s solo he moved completely across the stage moving to his left first, then working his way completely across the stage to the right side. He had the crowd on their feet for the entire performance and when it finished he was greeted with a thunderous round of applause.

    The lights once again went down and as they came up the video screen displayed a test pattern while the familiar beginning of “Dirty Laundry” was performed. As soon as Mr. Henley sang “I make my living…” the video went to a CNN news broadcast. As the song was performed the video featured a multitude of media personalities including, Glen Beck, Sean Hannity, Nancy Grace, Dr Phil and other media personalities, all of whom I am presuming Don just doesn’t like. As they were approaching the “crap is king” part, there was a tongue in cheek display of mock headlines like “Glenn Frey wins Masters”. It was very entertaining, a great performance of a great Don Henley song.

    Once again the lights went down as the guys changed up instruments. Just before the lights came up Joe strummed the familiar beginning of “Funk 49”, playing a blue Strat with a rosewood fretboard, which brought the audience to its feet, turning it into sort of a dance concert. In a show filled with surprises, Joe added several echo effects to his solos on this number.

    Once again the lights went down, the guys switched up instruments and as the lights came back up to the familiar sound of “Heartache Tonight”. Once again, the audience singing along was quite noticeable.

    The lights went down again. This time, for dramatic effect, Joe began playing the opening to “Life in the Fast Lane” in the dark, once again bringing the throng to their feet as the song progressed. The video started with a psychedelic pattern and moved to depictions of a car in traffic and scenes that accented what was being played and sung. Don Henley had returned to guitar for this number. And there was yet another surprise. A mystery man had appeared and was performing at the percussion stand. I think it was the same guy I identified as Lenny Castro in my review of the November 25, 2008 concert. For whatever reason, he was not introduced by Glenn Frey during the earlier introductions. This was the only song I noticed him performing on stage.

    By now it was 10:35 PM. The guys took off their instruments waved to the multitude and left the stage as they were given a thunderous ovation. They were off the stage for about three minutes when they returned. I could tell what was coming next when I saw Steuart Smith hoist the white double necked Music Man guitar. Somebody on the stage crew messed up and gave the next song away when an image of the Hotel California album was briefly flashed on the on stage screen. And, much not to my surprise the band began to play “Hotel California”, with Don playing the drums while he sang. At the songs conclusion the band once again removed their instrument s, waved to the audience and left the stage. This time the ovation and whistling was so loud that I had to hold my ears. This tease lasted approximately two minutes.

    Once again, the guys took to the stage for a second encore. They performed “Take It Easy” while Joe Walsh once again worked some magic on the sparkling Axis Music Man Guitar. As the performance progressed, the video screen depicted scenes shot in the desert and depicting an intersection for “the corner in Winslow, Arizona”. Once again the assembled multitude sang along loudly enough to be heard in conjunction with the performance.

    The lights briefly went down and when they came back up the guys commenced performing another Joe Walsh show stealer, “Rocky Mountain Way”. It looked like Joe broke out yet another different guitar, this one a Carvin solid body. Once again the crowd was singing loudly, a fact that was not lost on Joe, because when he got to the bases are loaded and Casey’s at bat “ part, JW hollered out pointing to the crowd, “Now you sing!” he exclaimed, to which the audience loudly sang back, “Time to change the batter.” A stage hand brought out another guitar and Joe turned the Carvin to his back while he did the talk tube part of the song. The video was playing a lot of 70’s themed pictures that include a lava lamp display.

    And, sadly, all good things must come to an end. Don Henley picked up the microphone while the lights were down and stepped to the front of the stage while Michael Thompson played the opening to "Desperado" on the piano and, once again, the Eagles ended the show with "Desperado" like they have done so many times before. They finished to a sustained thunderous standing ovation, locking arms, bowing to their adoring public, separated, and walked up and down the stage waving to the audience before they left the stage. The lights came up at 11 PM sharp. My only disappointment of the night was the missing horn section. This was a fantastic show in every sense.

    But, just because the show was over doesn’t mean the surprises were. On the way out I noticed that former Pennsylvania governor, Ed Rendell was in the house. He was stopping to honor the many fan requests to have their picture taken with the former governor. And, actress Sela Ward was also in the audience. I was stunned to see her as she is one of my favorites. I walked up to her and told her I thought she was beautiful and talented. She could not have been more gracious and accommodating as was her husband. Meeting her was a thrill. She is a big Eagles fan.

    To sum up:

    The Set List:

    Seven Bridges Road, How Long, Take it to the Limit, Peaceful Easy Feeling, I Can’t Tell You Why, Witchy Woman, Lyin’ Eyes, Walk Away, Boys of Summer, In the City, Long Run, Life’s Been Good, Dirty Laundry, Funk 49, Heartache Tonight, Life in the Fast Lane

    Hotel California

    Second Encore
    Take it Easy, Rocky Mountain Way, Desperado

    The Players:

    Glenn Frey – guitars, keyboards, lead and background vocals
    Don Henley – drums, guitar, lead and background vocals
    Timothy B. Schmit – bass guitar, lead and background vocals.
    Joe Walsh- guitar, slide guitar, talk tube guitar, organ, lead and background vocals
    Steuart Smith – guitar, background vocals
    Richard Davis – keyboards, percussion, background vocals
    Will Hollis – keyboards, background vocals
    Scott Crago – drums, percussion, background vocals
    Michael Thompson – keyboards, background vocals
    ??Lenny Castro??- percussion (not introduced)

    Other Border members present at this show: Tiffany Twisted, Sodascouts, Henley Honey, I’ve always been a Dreamer, Va. Is for Eagles Lovers, and Zelda. We all met after the show…a splendid time was had by all!

    I have pictures...I'll be posting shortly!
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    Default Re: Atlantic City 9/01

    JAHH, thank you for taking the time to post such a detailed review! It is very much appreciated by those who wanted badly to be there, but were unable. I am anxiously awaiting your pictures. Thanks again!

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    Default Re: Atlantic City 9/01

    Wow JAHH !! That is one of the best reviews I've ever read. You should do it professionally !! It was so detailed, right down to the types of guitars they were using !! I'm bummed I missed out on seeing Governor Rendell and Sela Ward. I was in the first few rows in the upper section.

    Thank you for taking the time to write that.

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    Default Re: Atlantic City 9/01

    Hey all, I just left Zelda, Soda, Va, HH, & Dreamer, but I am still at the hotel because I don't leave till later.
    I was at Sun night show!! OMG!!! They were amazing. We had such a blast!
    I was sitting with Zelda on Tim's side of the stage in the FRONT ROW! Yeah, turns out BB is the front row in our section!!
    The sound in the venue was fantastic.
    They started with 7 Bridges Road & then it was uphill all the way. They were in a great mood, very relaxed. They all looked great, especially TBS
    Here's the st list
    7 Bridges
    How Long
    Witchy Woman
    Lyin Eyes
    Walk Away
    Boys of Summer
    In the City
    The Long Run
    Life's Been Good
    Dirty Laundry
    Funk 49
    Heartache Tonight
    Life In the Fast Lane
    Hotel California
    Take It Easy
    Rocky Mt. Way

    The show was about 2 hrs.
    Both Joe & Timothy came right up to the edge of the stage on some guitar parts to give us a thrill. (I forgot which songs, but I think Tim was during LITFL, Joe was on one of his songs)

    Sorry this is messy I'm on about 2 hrs sleep,
    It was so nice to finally meet some of the Border people that I have only known from the board until now. We had drinks before & after the show.
    The hotel is HUGE, we were so lost all the time it was a big maze!
    Heading home about 6 pm. The rest of the girls are o their way!
    Wonderful night with our guys! HOTTTTTT
    Note Got yelled at by security for taking a flash picture, they were pretty strict with that. I only got a few shots in

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    Default Re: Atlantic City 9/01

    Thanks for all the great reviews! I especially loved reading JAHH's; it made me feel like I was almost there.

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    Default Re: Atlantic City 9/01

    Glad you decided to go and switch your negative expierence of AC with a positve one...
    ALso glad you had fun.''Yes they were spot on."

    Sorry to have missed meeting you but glad you had a chance to see the boys and sounds like you were in good hands with Zelda.

    Everyone...have safe journeys home in this bad weather.


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