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Thread: How's the weather?

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    Our weather here in MO sucks! Saturday morning we had frost, freeze and 30 degrees! 40's during the day. Sunday the wind blew like a tornado all day, 55 degrees, but so darn cold! My grandma always said wait till Mother's Day to plant tomatoes so we went ahead and planted in the cold! We also put cages and plastic around them and covered the tops because a frost was predicted for Monday morning. I also planted lots of annual flowers and then took them to the garage for the night. It got down to 34 yesterday morning but they are all ok.

    It is FINALLY supposed to warm up to more normal 70ish temps later this week. With rain every day!

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    Default Re: How's the weather?

    Brooke,I follow your grandmas advice as well. Always waited until after Motherís Day for planting. Please warm up itís May and Iím still in sweaters, and turning on the heat

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