The weather here in southeast Texas has been wonderful the last two days, sunny and warm (high 60s/mid 70s). Itís such a stark contrast compared to last week, when there was snow (which made for some lovely pictures) and sub-freezing temperatures, compounded with no electric power. We were very fortunate that we at least had heat from our gas fireplace and were able to use our gas stovetop to heat up food. We also had water, thanks to my husband diligently running water through our pipes ever so often, including during the night. We had made the decision to drain our pool a couple of months ago to avoid all the maintenance headaches during winter. That probably saved it b/c other people are dealing with busted pipes and pumps and costly repairs with their pool.

We are used to power going out in our area, mainly b/c the main road near our subdivision is being widened, a project that has lasted a couple of years. However it usually last from a few minutes to maybe an hour or so. We were not expecting it to be out for hours and hours.

The power went out right when the Richie Furay virtual concert was about to begin a couple of months ago. The hubs managed to fix our temperamental generator but then the power came on at that point. Well, the same thing happened last week. The generator would not kick on, and after several attempts he finally managed to get it to work. Believe it or not the power came on almost immediately after that. This was Wednesday around noontime and thankfully it stayed on for good.

The experience sucked but like so many countless others, we managed. A few others were not so lucky and that is sad. Hopefully we (including our state leaders) have all learned something from this.