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Thread: Yet Another Eagles' fan in Wisconsin!

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    Default Re: Yet Another Eagles' fan in Wisconsin!

    Quote Originally Posted by RebeccaLovesEagles View Post
    Welcome neighbor. I live in Dubuque Ia right across the border from WI
    I've been through there! I'm just south of the Twin Cities, MN...Nice to know there's a small group of Midwest Eagles fans in here!

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    Default Re: Yet Another Eagles' fan in Wisconsin!

    Quote Originally Posted by AEW21 View Post
    ....Must be the unending winters--we yearn for Southern California vibes.

    I've cognizant of their music for as long as I can remember, via classic hit radio and my parents' record collection. Couldn't really place their role in music history, but knew they were big, and crafted catchy songs. I think I learned of their greater significance when they reunited in '94-- I was oh like 10/11, but all the press on it intrigued me. And as you become a teenager, then go to college, you do your own musical exploring, and the Internet helped me find deep cuts past just their popular hits. I just find it fascinating how you can their influence in proto-90s-alt-country like Whiskeytown and Uncle Tupelo, to now in Dawes and Grizzly Bear....

    Anyway, it was really that 3-hour doc that reignited by interest in the band(and has led to a lingering infatuation on a young Glenn Frey and his dreamy mane-- a man with wavy hair and facial scruff can make me weak)! Anyway, I'm so happy they're coming to Summerfest--hope I can go (and afford it) !

    Happy to be here--thanks for the place to chat!

    Now, I REALLY can't wait to see this doc! Everyone seems to really love it.

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