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Thread: Question in "Try and Love Again"

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    Quote Originally Posted by NightMistBlue View Post
    This Washington Post review of the March 21, 1977 concert at the Capital Centre confirms that "Try and Love Again" was performed, though the critic says Randy's vocal was "disappointingly whiny." Spoiler alert: the whole review is relentlessly negative.
    I think that the critic that is sent to review a concert ought to be someone who can give an objective opinion of the show, not someone who obviously dislikes them before they even open their mouths! Of course, history has proven that guy wrong. As Glenn said in in Bob Costas interview, "We showed them!" (critics).
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    Ya, clearly slanted. Critics annoy me, the power they have (or think they have) , the smugness. Here is a link to a re-post of a Hartford Courant review of an Eagles show from 1996 in Hartford, yet another lame critic, even trying to compare the crowd size from Yale Bowl .

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    Yeah - I have to agree about critics - most of them don't know nearly as much as they think they do. They are supposed to provide us with an objective view, but that is rarely the case with them. We don't need their opinions when we have our own.

    Here is an quote from the 1977 Washington Post review that NMB posted ...

    "The Eagles are much better musicians than lyricists, especially now that Walsh, who replaced founding member Bernie Leadon early last year, is around prod the other four with his superlative, hard-rocking guitar work".

    I mean really? Isn't this a band that is highly praised for their lyrical abilities?

    Now, this last comment actually made me laugh ...

    "Outside, before the show, scalpers were selling tickets for as much as $25, suggesting that these two concerts are the pop event of the year thus far and that the Eagles are rock's most popular all-American band".

    Talk about longing for the good ole days - WOW! But, in his defense, this was an outrageous amount of $$ back in 1977.

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    So glad to see so many others appreciate what a gem of a song Try and Love again is... I'm a ginormous Randy fan so am biased, think it would have been a huge hit if it had been released as a single! It's a timeless song and I will never tire of it. Really enjoyed reading all of this thread, I didn't think the song ever saw the light of day live and in concert, but apparently it did, for a little while anyway. I would kill to have seen them play it, of course it's not included on the concert portion of History of the Eagles, boo hiss.

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    JLE - TALA is one of my favorites from the album too. Glenn stated it was the next single slated to be released from the album had Randy not quit the band. It was played at concerts during HC tour, including at the Capital Center Concert. That dvd is included in the HOTE dvd - an incredible concert ! But, only eight songs on the dvd and TALA is not one of the songs on the dvd.

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