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Thread: What Are You Doing Right Now

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    Quote Originally Posted by sodascouts View Post
    The nephews and niece have left this morning.


    This is one woman who is not cut out for kids.

    I tell you what, my grandson can sure make me think that sometimes! I miss him when he's not around and then when he comes to stay for a while, I'm like...what was I thinking! He's a VERY active 5 1/2 year old!
    "They will never forget you 'till somebody new comes along"
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    Default Re: What Are You Doing Right Now

    I'm with y'all! lol! Miss 'em, happy to see 'em come...relieved when they go!
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    Quote Originally Posted by FreyFollower View Post
    I'm with y'all! lol! Miss 'em, happy to see 'em come...relieved when they go!
    So true! When I have my 3 grandkids over, I'm always exhausted when they leave! Makes me wonder how I made it through my own three kids!!! Besides the obvious of being younger then, I just didn't follow them around every minute of the day and worry what they were up to. You get a little used to the daily chaos of kids when they are your own!

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    And when they are away you miss them. I'm up late waiting on my daughters return from Disneyland in Paris where she has been for the last 5 days with her friends. She was only 5 when I started posting here and now she is 18!! Looking forward to seeing her return, but the flight has been delayed.
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    Our big splurge this year was putting in our dream pool, which my husband designed & built with a weather-resistant glass-like surround, so it can be fully removed in the summer and just be a normal outdoor pool, and then have the surround attached in the colder weather to be used year-round.

    Many reasons factored into our decision to build our pool, which included having some additional space to entertain, as we designed our home as an updated mid-century modern open floor plan with sliding doors to the back yard -- so it gives everyone more space to spread-out and relax; another reason is our fearof allowing the kids to swim in the water on the Cape directly behind our house due to all the shark activity in our area in recent years.

    Yet, another reason is because one of the products my husband is working on is an electronic hard covering that slides over our pool when it is not in use, which turns it intothe look of a beautiful brick patio and is sturdy enough to entertain on. Not only is this a nice design feature, but it is a great safety feature as well, as we set a security code so it cannot be opened when it is not in use -- so we don't have to worry about someone jumping in the pool and possibly injuring themselves when we're not around.

    But one of the biggest reasons we put the pool in this year, is it is in lieu of taking our son on a big summer vacation this year, which is a big year for him, as hestarts Kindergarten next month. We feel bad that we made the decision to forego a summer vacation because we didn't want to leave our almost 1-year-old behind-- plus I'm pregnant -- so we're trying to make the summer as special for Matty as possible.

    In addition, as long as he does all his chores and helps with his baby brother -- every Friday is the day we let Matty decide what we will do. I put a list of possibilities on the refrigerator, and he is always looking it over and you can see his little brain just ticking away. I always tell my husband that this is where Isee a lot of my father in Matty, as my father is a highly respected litigation lawyer. I remember reading one story profiling him when I was in high school that highlighted a lot of the highprofile cases he won, and talked about his "boyish Dennis Quaid-likecharm" that "made the female jurists fall in love with him and the male jurists want to be him -- or at least his best friend."

    Matty's definitely inherited this trait from my dad. This morning he walked over to the fridge, filled his cup with ice, opened thefridge and poured himself some Crystal Light, then he closed the fridge and took the list off the door and paced around slowly around the kitchen island where Matt and I were sitting, and Matty was studying the list and drinking his beverage, and then he started asking questions, such as, "So, if we go to Water Wiz in Wareham -- we will still have time to go to the drive-in inWellfleet tonight and see The Lion King, right?"

    When I pointed out to Matty the 2 places were at the complete opposite ends of the Cape -- and it would take us about 1 hour and 15 minutes to drive to the drive-in -- and if wewant a good spot and the chance to hit the snack bar that he loves there, as well as the miniature golf and soft-serve ice cream area -- that we could stillgo -- but we wouldn't get our perfect spot, and we wouldn't have time for miniature golf -- so he thought about it and said, "I'll tell you what --I'm willing to leave Water Wizz a little early."

    My son just cracks me up sometimes on how willing he is to make such big compromises

    You would think with having his own pool that he wouldn't be so interested in water parks, but Ithink it has just made him love being the water all the more. I choose not to go into any public pools while I'm pregnant, but our baby, Jeff, loves the kiddy area, and there is a nice area where our baby can relax in the stroller and I can sit in some shade and watch my husband and son keep going up and down their favorite long slide, as it's not too steep, and as much as my son likes to act like he's a brave bigboy, I think he likes the fact that he gets to share a double tube with Matt -and I don't know which one of them have the bigger smiles on their faces as they land in the pool at the end and then rush right back up the stairs again.

    So, that's what we're off to do today -- enjoying the day at Water Wizz and the night at the drive-in.

    If you have ever seen the movies Grown-Ups or The Way, Way Back -- they both filmedscenes at Water Wizz.

    It's an absolutely beautiful, sunny day here on Cape Cod -- and I hope you all have the opportunity to get out and have some fun today, as well!

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    Default Re: What Are You Doing Right Now

    Carolyn, living your best life! Good for you! Enjoy your weekend.😊

    It's all in your smile that brings
    All of the special things about you

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