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Thread: Fedex Forum, Memphis, TN 10/14/2103

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    Oh why not - I'll paste it here too!

    My husband and I took our 6 year old twin boys who are also die-hard Eagles fans. (Mostly because they don’t know any better!) This was their first concert if you don’t count the million times we’ve watched the concert video that came with the documentary. We caffeinated them just a bit before the show and I made sure they’d had a 3 hour nap. We had floor seats on Joe’s side in the middle of the back floor section. We had a really great view and didn’t need to look at the TV screens so much. I had read the setlist and seen some youtube videos so I kind of knew what to expect. I hadn’t looked since the first of August, so I was a bit surprised. I’m pretty much going to write this like you’ve heard the podcast since my children were up super late last night, didn’t sleep in, and I’m tired! Hopefully someone that was there can correct me or fill in the blanks. I would appreciate it as I keep my concert reviews. Also I do know other adjectives besides, “awesome” but I’m excited and tired. ;o)
    Set 1
    They lowered some lights over the stage that was supposed to look like warehouse lights. Then Don and Glenn came out from different sides. My boys went nuts. Is that Don Henley? Is that Glenn Frey?
    • Saturday Night - they sounded amazing just the two of them singing. So happy they started here. They harmonize so well together still.
    Don or Glenn one talked about being on tour with Linda Ronstadt and wanting to form their own band. She suggested they get Bernie. It was basically the same info from the documentary. Bernie came out and the crowd went wild! I think most of the people on the floor at least knew it was a big deal. Also there was mild applause when the Flying Burrito Brothers were mentioned. My boys went nuts again when Bernie came out as did I! Glenn asked Bernie what he’d been doing and he said, “Eating cereal.” I think Don talked some at this point. He started talking at some point early on and people wouldn’t shut up and he said, “I’m talking now. This isn’t an interactive show.” Too funny but yeah who talks in the middle of Don Henley?
    • Train Leaves Here this Morning - Bernie’s voice is still strong and perfect. Bernie got a standing ovation from at least half of the people there. The three of them seemed truly happy to be playing with each other. Glenn made a comment that “SN” was the only Eagles song written by all 4 founding members. Then he mentioned when it was over that “Train” was written by the late Gene Clark.
    Glenn then told a story about going to his mailbox and getting the demo for “PEF” from Jack Tempchin. Jack thought it would go with the band Glenn was starting. I think he said it reminded him of Poco. Anyway when he said “Poco,” there was a spotlight turned on and Timothy walked out to a pretty good round of applause.
    • Peaceful Easy Feeling - I cannot tell you how happy I was to hear Bernie do this solo on this song. That solo in that song says something to me that I can’t quite describe but I only get it when Bernie plays it. I don’t know what that is but it’s beautiful. My boys were also thrilled to see Don drum on the back of his guitar. They pretend to do this all the time when they’re not arguing over who gets to pretend to be Glenn Frey (it involves aviators on their head like the documentary concert).
    Bernie told the story about having the music to Witchy Woman and then Don bringing in the lyrics.
    • Witchy Woman - I really love the bluesier version of this. This is only the 2nd time I’ve seen this one done. Glenn did the solo the time we saw. The boys loved Joe’s cool guitar.
    There was a little clip from the documentary interviews about wanting to write a song to The Book of Gunfighters and ending up writing a whole album. Glenn spoke and then Don did. I’m not sure everything they showed was in the documentary. Part of it was and it looked like it was shot at the same time?
    • Doolin-Dalton (w/TBS on harmonica) - my boys have told everyone, “Mama loved hearing DD & DD/D R best of all!” Never said that, they just knew. It meant so much to me to hear this and it was beautiful, maybe even better than the album version! Randy is the only thing that could have made it better but even then it was amazing.
    • Tequila Sunrise - one of mine had to pee during this song. His awesome daddy took him but I still wasn’t paying attention.
    • Doolin-Dalton/Desperado Reprise - oh boy! Imagine how awesome it would be to hear this in concert and then multiply it by 1000! It was beautiful! How that man can do that and drum at the same time is beyond me.
    • Already Gone - I’d seen this song before but not the video. It was funny but my boys thought it was hysterical. The hats and beard things he wears, him riding on a bike, and the map flying in his face were the highlights.
    • Best of My Love - we usually have a family slowdance to this. It’s been our tradition since they were two colicky infants. It came on and they climbed up in our laps to slowdance. (Gag I know, we can be disgustingly happy at times!) It was beautiful. I had never seen this in concert before either. I really like it “less whiney” as Don has put it. Not that I don’t like the whiney version too - it was closer to the Millennium mix but maybe a bit closer to the original. Of course the vocals were amazing as well!
    Glenn then told a story about he and Don sharing a house somewhere (I forgot). He made it clear that there were two bedrooms, “Unless they had certain company. It was the 70’s. Sex couldn’t kill you.” Or something like that. Thankfully my boys took, “Oh he’s just being silly” as enough of an explanation! ;o)
    • Lyin’ Eyes - Glenn invited everyone to sing along with this one. And everyone knew the words - all of them! I really like the window scene they showed on, “she gets up and pours herself a strong one.” It’s like they got into my head and used that image for the video.
    • One of These Nights - my oldest 6 year old said this was his favorite and drummed on his daddy’s hands the whole time. It’s my favorite song too but I’d seen it every other time so there were things I was more thrilled to see. It was great though. Don never missed a note.
    • Take It to the Limit (dedicated to Randy) Glenn mentioned Randy was feeling better. I got the sense he really wished Randy could be there. He didn’t out and say it but it seemed like he hated it that he couldn’t be there. Glenn doing this song is growing on me. Of course the documentary concert was beyond amazing as far as this song. Glenn is getting better at it though. I don’t know if it’s growing on me or what. I used to cringe when he did this.
    Then he said they were taking a break because, “Men their age needed to pee.” Then he said he was kidding. I don’t know why he had to be kidding about having to pee but ok!
    Set 2
    • Wasted Time Reprise - I think people were disappointed that they didn’t do all of Wasted Time. My two weren’t the only two vocal about this either! This is a beautiful song and I’ve loved it every time I’ve heard it. I know they can’t do them all!
    (Don, Glenn, Joe & Timothy return without Bernie)
    • Pretty Maids All in a Row - I loved the blue background on the video. I’d never heard this in concert before. It was beautiful. Seriously, he just keeps getting better if that was possible.
    • I Can’t Tell You Why - Timothy didn’t say anything before this or after. It was beautiful as always.
    • New Kid in Town - I’ve heard this every time I’ve seen them before I think. My boys like the, “I don’t want to hear it” part and always sing it REALLY loud.
    Timothy talked about only being a part of the Eagles for a few years before “the whole thing just blew up.” I think he said something similar in the documentary. Anyway Joe, Glenn and someone else, maybe Don? were standing together behind him. When he said the blew up thing they all made blowing up hand and face motions. It was funny but not in a making fun of Timothy way. It was really funny like we’re sick of telling the same story every time. I don’t know. Then he talked about getting back together. Basically he said they finally realized, “duh we’re missing out on something here” or something like that. I think this was here that Timothy did the whole, “I see you up there” thing. He had each section cheer separately. It was neat.
    • Love Will Keep Us Alive - This was beautiful as always. People really love this song and he got big applause when it was over. It’s not my favorite but it is the song that made me Eagles obsessed in 1994 after I got over the “that’s a dude singing that song” part. (I was like 13 or something - I didn’t know better!)
    • Heartache Tonight - Glenn mentioned everyone in the band liking the Beach Boys and being influenced by their music. He mentioned one song in particular inspiring this one but I can’t remember the name. This song seemed different somehow. I liked it better whatever it was they did. Maybe it was just crowd energy or my babies being there.
    • Those Shoes - This rocked. First of all, I didn’t know Joe and Stewart were both playing the talk box. I don’t know how I thought it was recorded but I just didn’t realize it was 2 talk boxes. This was amazing to hear. I think it was the highlight of the 2nd half for me. I so wish I’d gotten video or audio of this.
    • In the City - I’m just not wild about this song. It was alright, I just don’t love the song. There was one part of it where Joe is standing with a little boy and they’re looking at the stars together and see some shooting stars. I thought it was really sweet. (Gee I hope I have the right Joe song! I had it on Pretty Maids but it would make more sense on this song.)
    Band Intros - these were pretty straightforward. Glenn introduced everyone and Timothy introduced him.
    • Life’s Been Good - the boys hadn’t heard this one too many times because they were kind of like, “A Joe Walsh song we don’t know.” I have apparently been slacking on the playing of my “Live” album. I will remedy that! It was great as usual. Joe missed a note at the very end my hubby with perfect pitch said. I didn’t even notice it but he did. Joe immediately looked at Don who started laughing. Seems like I remember this happening before, someone missing a note and then looking to see if Don noticed. My husband was like, “Joe is human!” I missed this whole interchange.
    • Long Run - Glenn listed some of the awesome musicians they admire that came out of Memphis and mentioned this was inspired by Memphis. Don did the, “couldn’t hold a candle to you” thing to Joe. Joe pointed to himself, “Me?” Then he shook his head, “Him?” and pointed to Don. He appeared to have a conversation with himself about it for quite a while and settled on “Don.” It was really funny how he was doing this seemingly oblivious to the fact that Don was still singing.
    • Funk 49 - Glenn and Joe did a little jam before this messing with each other. They had gone into “Memphis Tennessee” last time we saw them but no such luck this time. It was really funny to see them like telling jokes with their guitars.
    • Life in the Fast Lane - same old, same old. I had one trying to fall asleep (how I don’t know) but I kept telling him HC and RMW were next. Also it cracks me up how many people really think the show is over at this point and start leaving. Or start the, “well they didn’t even do (insert song that’s obviously going to be played); I’m so mad.”
    Encore 1
    • Hotel California - this was cool. It’s always a cool song but the last few times I’ve seen them do it, they did it earlier in the show. Like they were doing it because they had to. They seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the song this time.
    Encore 2
    (Bernie returns for remainder of show)
    • Take It Easy - This was a little more country as far as the guitar? Of course it sounded awesome because Bernie was there too! This is one of my favorite songs of theirs so it was great.
    • Rocky Mountain Way - my sleepy 2nd born 6 year old was up and hollering (in a good way) for this one. This was his favorite. During the talk box solo Glenn went in the back and put on an Elvis wig and kept it on for the rest of the song. Joe seemed surprised and was laughing. It seemed like he didn’t know Glenn was going to do that so that was cool. They both show boated a little and then the song was over and so was the wig. I wish I’d gotten a photo!
    • Desperado - This was beautiful as it always is. He didn’t hold the note as long as I’ve heard him hold it in the past. I think there were just too many people talking and hollering. This crowd was more energetic than I’ve seen here in Memphis but they were way more talkative at the wrong time too!

    That’s all I can remember. I was trying to tweet during the show but they’ve been having signal issues in the venue and apparently haven’t fixed them. Lost my signal in the middle of Already Gone. Only one of the parking garage elevators was working and the other was slow. It finally opened when my sleepy child talked bad to it and smacked it. It’s not unusual for him to talk bad to inanimate objects but the hitting was new. He’s serious about his sleep!

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    Default Re: Eagles at Fedex Forum, Memphis, TN 10/14/2103

    Fantastic review! Yes, I'm in Memphis. Maybe we can meet up sometime and discuss our fandom!

    Always in our hearts, Never forgotten

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    Default Re: Eagles at Fedex Forum, Memphis, TN 10/14/2103

    Thanks for the great review OOTN75! I don't know what else I could add to it. You covered everything!

    And if I have not said it before - WELCOME! I hope you enjoy it here!

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    Default Re: Eagles at Fedex Forum, Memphis, TN 10/14/2103

    Awww! Thanks! I lurk from time to time but it says I've never posted. We saw them in 2010 and were on the 2nd row. It was awesome. But having my babies there was really cool too. What better concert to be their first? Soda we should discuss fandom. Sounds like I could talk to you about Glenn and you wouldn't roll your eyes eventually!

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    Default Re: Eagles at Fedex Forum, Memphis, TN 10/14/2103

    ootn, that was a wonderful review! Thanks for posting! I'm glad you had such an awesome time and came here to tell us about it! You are raising those boys right!

    And welcome to The Border!
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    Default Re: Eagles at Fedex Forum, Memphis, TN 10/14/2103

    Awesome review, OOTN75!! Welcome to The Border!

    You can't change the world but you can change yourself.

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    Default Re: Eagles at Fedex Forum, Memphis, TN 10/14/2103

    Someone wanted Glenn as Elvis video. Saw this on Facebook.


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    Default Re: Eagles at Fedex Forum, Memphis, TN 10/14/2103

    Finally a video. I've been looking for this for days.

    Thanks for finding this video yekrut.

    Am I seeing this right. Was that Joe as Superman? Let's see he's Joezilla and now he's SuperJoe. LOL

    It looks like Joe ran away when he saw Glenn as Elvis. It looks like Steuart was laughing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Houston Baby View Post
    MC - IF you were referring to Timothy being so thin this is my observation. I saw him in March this year in Vegas and then he did look extremely thin. And he is still thin but he looks like he has put on some weight when I saw him Monday. He is definitely NOT as thin as March. In fact he looked extremely healthy Monday night. He was smiling almost the entire concert. I do not know that I got any Glenntact but I am almost positive that I got a smile from Timothy because on one song of Glenn's I glanced over to Timothy, saw him looking & smiled and then he smiled back. Of course he could have been looking at someone else but it was definitely in my direction and the timing of the smile was perfect. In fact it happened a couple of times with him. Look, I smile, he smiles. Needless to say I was thrilled in my own little Eagles world. I don't know Timothy but he seems so sweet and one person who is genuinely content & happy with life.
    He totally smiled at you! Aaaack! I would die. I want to put a big picture of him on the front of my shirt so he'll see it and laugh. So glad that he's looking good, I think it was just the angle of the video that was startling.

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    Default Re: Eagles at Fedex Forum, Memphis, TN 10/14/2103

    ootn75 - Thanks from me as well for your fantastic review. So glad you decided to posts after lurking so long and hope you hang around. It's too bad we didn't know you were at the show so we could have at least introduced ourselves and said 'hi'. I thought of a few others little tidbits to add that I thought were cute ...

    In Bernie’s intro to WW, he repeated about him coming up with the music and Don coming back in the next day with lyrics. Then he added something like 'None of us ever dated a girl like this except maybe Glenn and he probably doesn’t remember it'.

    Glenn almost buried himself in a deep hole with his impromptu intro to Lyin' Eyes about him and Don sharing the house on Mulholland Drive. He went into how he and Don shared a bedroom when there were guests, and then realized maybe he didn't need to go there. So he says something like 'well, it was the 70's and sex didn't kill'. I laughed and told Soda that his explanation only made things worse and perhaps it is a good idea that he doesn't improvise more.

    Now speaking of improvisation, I always love Glenn and Joe's little competition before Funk #49 - it's always a little different and very cute ... and this particular version involved some pretty hot thrusting by the two of them.

    Tim’s intro before LWKUA was cute. He was describing the scene at the filming of Travis Tritt's Take It Easy video. He said he looked around at all the fun they were having and thought 'guys ... d’oh'.

    Now I think Glenn's Elvis impersonation may have been a surprise to the rest of the band too. They were all just cracking up. I didn't see Glenn put on the wig because I was watching Joe on the talkbox. But then I saw Steuart start losing it so I looked to see what it was all about. All the guys had big grins on their faces throughout.

    Finally, I'll just say that the Desperado segment of the show remains the highlight for me. I never ever thought I'd hear Doolin' Dalton and the reprise live. It almost moved me to tears again.

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