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Thread: Bass Playing Style (Randy and Timothy)

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    Default Re: Bass Playing Style (Randy and Timothy)

    I read that same thing, Soda, and I believe it went so far as to say he would actually walk OUT of the spot, which may be what was happening in the Outlaw Man video. Poor baby, not fun for him.

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    Default Re: Bass Playing Style (Randy and Timothy)

    Quote Originally Posted by LuvRandy View Post
    I looked up this song on youtube and there was a comment that you could find the full version of this song on this message board. Anyone know where or how? > Downloads > Live Treats (Basically, remove the forum bit from your Internet address bar )

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    Default Re: Bass Playing Style (Randy and Timothy)

    Quote Originally Posted by Ephi82 View Post
    No sleight on Schmidt at all, but for me Meisner was an incredible, and I believe, superior player.

    It's so telling when the musical output is huge, yet on stage, it looks like he isn't doing anything.

    The ability of his highly evolved right hand technique allowed him to turn the gain on his Fender amp up very high, but he had complete control of the sound of the bass by barley touching the strings, to really driving the sound by aggressively plucking them for emphasis.

    An early example is "Doolin Dalton".

    His playing is all the more amazing by the fact that he was singing some great high harmonies as the songs went along.
    Excellent analogy!!

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    Default Re: Bass Playing Style (Randy and Timothy)

    There are definite differences. When I have more time to think out my reply I'll post it.
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