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A co-worker overheard me last week talking @ the EAGLES concert. Come to find out, his son works security at some of the concerts in Houston so he brought me a copy of the EAGLES’ set list from the February show here. The setlist had notes on it that his son took during the preconcert meeting. Beside Already Gone and Best of My Love was written “may stand”. After Take It to the Limit was “intermission”. Besides Pretty Maids, I Can’t Tell You Why, New Kid in Town and Love will Keep Us Alive was written “first 4 rows keep seated” and beside Hotel California was “check for cameras”. These were the instructions that security was given.
Thanks for sharing that Houston Baby.

I'm sure they are just tweaking the camera/standing rules to make as effective as possible while causing the least disruption.
Security have the task to be conspicuous in an inconspicuous manner. Sounds impossible, credit the Eagles for making a considerable effort to make it work.