Don is mentioned in two recent interviews with guitarist Joe Satriani:
OTM: I recently spoke with former Eagles guitarist Don Felder who once asked band mate Joe Walsh, “Why would you put your successful solo career on hold to join a band?” Walsh explained that it was like night and day. As a member of a band, he wasn’t responsible for everything. Do you experience the same thing with Chickenfoot?
Ironically, I am staring at a copy of Felder’s bestselling autobiography Heaven and Hell. For some reason, during the last couple of months, I’ve been on this Joe Walsh and Don Felder thing. I have been collecting vintage Fender amps. I’m a big fan of Don’s playing and I am a huge Joe Walsh fan.
Satriani’s eyes light up at a random mention of former Eagles guitarist Don Felder, and he says that he’s spent the past couple of months revisiting the catalog of the legendary California band and, in particular, he’s been examining Felder’s work on those records. The conversation reveals that, at the center of everything, Satriani is still a music fan like the rest of us, searching through albums, songs and liner notes to uncover the stories.

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