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I agree Chaim. I can see why it was not included on OOTN album. They were not going to include a song about the birth of Don F's son. Although it was a beautiful and special time for him, it was not suitable for the album. Sounds like he still has a grudge all these years later ! And, this part of the article shocked me : "Don Felder wrote 16 or 17 songs for Eagles ‘Hotel California’. Only two, ‘Hotel California’ and ‘Victim of Love’ were used. He has not gone back and listened to the ones that weren’t used on the label but says they still exist. “As a matter of fact I was just thinking the other day that I should get back to my storage lockers and find those cassettes that they were on. I should give them a listen. There may be some interesting stuff on there”.

Do they mean he wrote the music to 16 or 17 songs or the lyrics too ? Just wondering....
The way I've always understood it is that he had recorded istrumental tracks (the amount may vary from interview to interview). No lyrics and not necessarily even vocal melodies. Just how much structure they had (verse, chorus etc.), I have no idea. Could have been complete song structures or just riffs. I don't remember Don ever mentioning how complete the other ideas were. But they certainly weren't "songs". They were "song ideas". HC and VOL as well.