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    Quote Originally Posted by sodascouts View Post
    Indeed. I hope Joe wasn't just using his schedule as an excuse!
    Yes, that is a definite possibility. It indicates however that the lines of communication between them are perhaps more open than many of us thought.

    So much time has passed since the firing, lawsuit and book, I can see the Henley and Azoff mellowing enough to look the other way if Joe were to work with Felder again, especially with Glenn’s death bringing things into perspective. Life is too short to dwell on the negative and harbor non-ending resentment.

    Quote Originally Posted by thelastresort View Post
    I genuinely don't like thinking like this, but Felder has an incredible ability for being economic with the truth. He and Joe haven't spoken, to the best of my knowledge, for 18 years. I know Glenn's passing will have had an impact on how they all perceived their relationships but I wouldn't be surprised if it was just Felder asking and Joe saying 'Sorry' outright. I can't believe, with all the wonders of technology and transport, that being on a relatively slowed-paced tour for a couple of years has put Joe out for the count.
    Quote Originally Posted by thelastresort View Post

    Again, not to be cynical - I honestly hope I am wrong!

    I appreciate your thoughtful post, TLR, and I agree that it would seem something could have been worked out in this technological day and age. Felder has said in interviews that he wanted to “jam” with other musicians on this album, so I think it was important to him to work personally with Joe. Kind of like when Timothy wanted his solo album recorded entirely in his house; even when a big name like Alison Krause couldn’t make a personal visit, he went on and made the album without her.
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