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Thread: Scottrade Center - St. Louis - 10/24/13

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    Default Scottrade Center - St. Louis - 10/24/13

    I just got back to the room.

    I'm so happy I'm in tears. I'm in a daze and will do my best to remember what I can. It was the very best night of my life.

    I'm not as good at doing these as some of you but here goes.

    I met Brooke and her husband, and Molly and her husband. I had a grilled burger and a Coke. It was great to meet fellow Borderers for the first time. Very nice people.

    JD opened the show. BOOOOOOOO! Nuff said.

    Glenn and Don out for Saturday Night was cool. I think it took my neighbors by surprise. Bernie on Train was FABULOUS and I loved it. PEF was great too. Then Joe with Witchy Woman was great, he got a ton of applause on his guitar solo.

    When telling the story about their apartment in the early 70s Glenn said they lived together. And added "in separate bedrooms, unless we had company". I rolled laughing.

    Lyin' Eyes had a funny moment where during the "she won't have to worry", Glenn mouthed "much" which I found hilarious. Already Gone was a highlight of the night for me, being my 2nd fave Eagles tune. It rocked and it was on fire. I love the little couple video song intros they had, nice touch.

    Those Shoes knocked my off my feet... Ok, bad pun but I'm serious. Maybe, just maybe, my favorite of the night. Definitely in the top 2. Joe totally rocks that one and it's so great they put it back into the setlist. ICTYW was a really special thing to see. It was great to see Timothy sing and enjoy playing.

    The band was in a good mood tonight. Joe and Glenn kept cracking each other up and Glenn and Don had some funny jokes (some rehashed, some new, to me anyway). They seemed to have fun.

    The band kept us up-to-date on the Cardinal game and Timothy yelled "Go Cardinals" and the crowd ROARED and ate it up. It was AWESOME to see. He seemed fairly chatty and talked a bit. His harmonica playing on DD was great.

    A couple behind us got kicked out for being disorderly when asked to stop filming. He told them to go you-know-what themselves and refused to leave and police escorted them out. Not sure what became of that. It was towards the end of the night. They had asked them 3 or so times and the guy was a belligerent drunk and kept yelling obscenities during songs.

    Hotel Cali was fabulous and of course a special thing for me to see, always is. But I have to be completely honest, it wasn't my favorite PERFORMANCE of the night, that award is tied between Already Gone and Those Shoes. And coming from me, that says something. It was really great. Joe was really "on" tonight and seemed to be enjoying himself and was in top form both in looks and skill. I was directly in front of him, 4 rows back. He is a GOD!!! I bow to the almighty Joe. Joe steals the show in the second half, no doubt about it.

    Both Glenn and Don were "on" too, and sang great. I'm in awe of the harmonies in the band and how they still sound SO good. Timothy sang great and that was great to hear, as I said.

    I have a new appreciation for Steuart Smith. I spent 97 percent of the time watching JW, but I did really become in awe of SS. He's not Don Felder, but no one is. But they did get a great musician and I respect him for his abilities. Do I wish DF was there, sure. But tonight's concert was NOT lacking and didn't keep me from enjoying myself.

    My dad said it was his favorite concert, and to me it's by far the best thing I've ever seen and the best night of my life. I'm in sheer joy. I'm sure Brooke and Molly can tell you more, but it was surreal for me to see my hero straight in front of me. I am going to sleep a happy guitarist tonight.

    PLEASE - go to one of these shows. You can tell they give it their all and they are on FIRE. Seeing Bernie Leadon was a great thing, and see him while you can. He's a great musician and he rocked (or twanged, rather) tonight.
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    Default Re: Scottrade Center - St. Louis - 10/24/13

    Glad you had such a wonderful time Austin! Pity about the drunken couple but in fairness they shouldn't spoil it for others by being obnoxious.

    Anyone get any pics?

    And I'm taking your advice ........ In 2weeks time!
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    Default Re: Scottrade Center - St. Louis - 10/24/13

    Ausrin - I'm so happy for you! I love hearing about everyone's experience at THE concert. The guys seem to be getting better & better! I knew they would not disappoint!! And it sounds like you were in a perfect seat for you.
    You did a GREAT job with your review!

    P.S. - I also loved seeing Those Shoes live! It was a special moment!

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    Default Re: Scottrade Center - St. Louis - 10/24/13

    Sorry - I mistakenly posted in the Anticipation thread that WF was in row 2.

    Austin, I was grinning from ear to ear reading your review. I knew you'd love it! Glad the guys were 'on' for you tonight. Sounds like we haven't had any problem with that on this tour. I think it's good that they're taking days off between most shows and getting rest between legs. ( hmmm...) I'll also repeat what I posted elsewhere; I think the new arrangements make it more enjoyable to play these old songs.

    You knew this show backwards and forwards before going to see it. I guess you've said before that the surprise factor wasn't important to you. I agree that there is no way I could have not looked at the videos, pictures and reviews of shows leading up to mine. That's why seeing their first show in Louisville was so important to me. Imagine the thrill of hearing the first twangs of Those Shoes and not expecting it! That was a great moment for me. And I understand completely what you meant by HC not being your favorite performance of the night. That's the cool thing about music. Sometimes your favorite song is topped by a great performance of another!

    Too bad we all seem to have had an audience distraction. I guess it's just par for the course these days.

    I look forward to hearing from the others!
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    Default Re: Scottrade Center - St. Louis - 10/24/13

    I'm going to write a more detailed review of my experience later but I wanted to say I was sorry I missed meeting everyone. I had/have really bad phone reception issues and then the battery died. My camera battery also died but I got a few pictures before that.

    I loved the United Center show a few weeks ago but I think they were even better in St. Louis. They were really on last night and seemed to be enjoying themselves alot. I'm hoping they will come back to the area maybe one more time in 2014 or 2015.

    My seats were in Section A (Tim and Bernie's side) on the end of the row next to center. They were excellent seats for a short person.

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    Default Re: Scottrade Center - St. Louis - 10/24/13

    I'm so glad you loved the show so much and what a great seat for you to be in! Sorry the couple behind you was a bit of distraction.

    Have to admit I was a bit shocked by your admission that HC wasn't the highlight of your night but I totally get it about AG and TS!

    Quote Originally Posted by WalshFan88 View Post
    The band kept us up-to-date on the Cardinal game and Timothy yelled "Go Cardinals" and the crowd ROARED and ate it up. It was AWESOME to see.

    After this little statement from Timothy, we might have to part ways.
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    Default Re: Scottrade Center - St. Louis - 10/24/13

    Austin you did fine my man . thanks
    for a great job on the review..sounds like u had great seats and happy to hear u can appreciate ss for himself and his own abilitys.
    rock on oh and meeting fellow borders just takes it to another level

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    Default Re: Scottrade Center - St. Louis - 10/24/13

    Fantastic Show last night! This was the second time I've seen the boys (the first being the LROOD Tour in '0. I went with my dad, who saw The Eagles open for Yes after the first Eagles album came out (weird combo right?) So he was especially looking forward to seeing them after all those years. Anyway, here's my review.

    JD started a little before 7 pm. I'm not going to bash any band, but there are tons of better bands out there. Enough said. The lights dimmed shortly after 8 and Don and Glenn entered from opposite sides of the stage. There was an outrageous applause. Without introduction, they started "Saturday Night" which was highlighted by Henley's vocal which was in perfect form. After Don talked about himself an Glenn deciding to form a band and Linda Ronstadt's recommendation of Bernie, Mr. Leadon walked on stage to a gracious applause. Glenn made a joke about Bernie still wearing the same clothes with Bernie replying "I washed them." "Train Leaves Here This Morning" was great, from Bernie's vocal to Glenn's guitar solo. Glenn said hello to the audience next and made a reference to Poco being an influence upon him in the early days. Timothy strolled onstage looking super cool and relaxed. Henley started a beat on his Takamine guitar and the rest joined in with "Peaceful Easy Feeling." My dad and I noticed that Glenn's voice has weathered a bit, and may not be as powerful as it once was. That being said, he still carries a melody like no other, and still sounds like Glenn Frey. Joe sauntered onto the stage to kick off "Witchy Woman" next. Everyone, including me, went crazy when the spotlight hit him. A great bluesy Albert King-style solo flowed from Mr. Walsh....superb indeed.

    The backing band joined and the full stage came into view for "Doolin Dalton." So glad that this song is in the set. Next was "Tequila Sunrise" with Glenn giving a great performance, and those incredible harmonies behind him. "Doolin Dalton/Desperado Reprise" was the highlight of the first half for me. I got chills when Don sang "The queen of diamonds let you down" part. His voice is so rich, it's unbelievable. Joe played a few solo lines in there and absolutely made his Stratocaster scream. "Already Gone" was great with Glenn and Steuart's solo, and the video on the projection screen. "The Best of My Love" And "Lyin' Eyes" had everyone in the audience singing along. The latter song was a highlight for my dad since it was my grandmother's favorite song. Next came "One of These Nights." Again, another great vocal from Don, and Steuart's solo was nicely done. Before "Take it To The Limit" Glenn said "We're gonna do one more then take a short break. Men my age...the know..." Generous laughter followed!

    Joe opened the 2nd half with "Pretty Maids all in a Row." Seeing a softer and more mellow Joe was great, but it made me anxious for him to start rocking out! Timothy updated us on the Cardinal's score which received a deafening applause. Timothy took center stage for "I Can't Tell You Why." I thought his voice was very good, and he seems to be doing great. "New Kid in Town" was gorgeous. Glenn really delivered on this one. Timothy took the spotlight again for "Love Will Keep Us Alive" which was very good, from the harmonies to Steuart's solo. A ton of people got up and were moving for 'Heartache Tonight' (the new arrangement is awesome). 'Those Shoes' knocked everyone out, it was incredible all the way around. Joe absolutely shined on "In The City." His guitar solo at the end got a standing ovation. Being a guitarist myself, almost teared up listening to the emotion Joe plays with. "Life's Been Good" was a crowd favorite I think, everyone sang along. The crowd was back on it's feet for "The Long Run." This was another flawless performance from Don. And I liked it without the horn section! Joe and Glenn's guitar duel segued into "Funk #49" where Joe ripped it up once more. "Life In The Fast Lane" totally kicked ass. The boys left the stage to a standing ovation only to return a few moments later. Steuart's double neck Music Man tipped everyone off as to what was next. "Hotel California" soared, and watching that guitar solo in person is a euphoric experience. They exited the stage again to an outrageous applause. Several people around be left at this point (never understood why people do this!!) "Take It Easy", "Rocky Mountain Way", and "Desperado" made up the 2nd encore. All 3 were tremendous performances.

    Sorry for such a long review! I will post pics later.

    I wonder why fortune smiles on some, and lets the rest go free

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    Default Re: Scottrade Center - St. Louis - 10/24/13

    Awesome reviews Austin, PM, and JH. I love reading reviews from real fans because your excitement about the show just shines through. So far it seems that the general consensus is that it was a great show! Can't wait to hear more.

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    Default Re: Scottrade Center - St. Louis - 10/24/13

    Awesome reviews, everyone!! Thanks!

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