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Thread: joe being inducted colorado music hall of fame

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    Default Re: joe being inducted colorado music hall of fame

    Thanks for the post, FreyFollower. I watched this last night and really enjoyed it. Joe opened the show with 3 songs, I think. Some nice pics from the early days. The middle of the show consisted of songs recorded at Caribou Ranch, since it was also an inductee. My favorite of those was "An American Dream," with the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. The last part of the show was all about Dan Fogelberg. Lots of great pictures and Fogelberg history. In one pic, Dan is wearing an Eagles t-shirt. Dan's widow, Jean also appeared,at the show. She said "Happy birthday Dan," as the concert took place on August 13th, his birthday. Some songs were, "Part of the Plan" with his old band, Fool's Gold, "Nether Lands" with Johnnyswim, "Run for the Roses" with NGDB and Richie Furay. My favorite was "Phoenix", done by Garth Brooks. The show ended with Garth and most of the other performers on stage doing, "There's a Place in the World for a Gambler." It was very sweet and brought me back to my concert days when Dan ended his shows with that song. The audience always sang the "let it shine" verse with our Bic lighters shining brightly.
    If anyone is interested in watching this show, it is going to be on again on Wednesday, July 18 at 9:00 and 11:30 pm, Eastern.

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    I managed to catch the last part with the tribute to Dan. It was lovely. Vince and Amy sang “Longer” and Amy sang one of her singles before that. It was nice seeing Richie perform, he can still sing well. When Garth sang “There’s a Place in The World for a Gambler” it was very moving. As My My said, there were some lovely pics in the backdrop and it was so cool to see everyone gathered together at the end.

    I’m glad to hear it will be re-broadcast since I missed the beginning with Barnstorm.

    “One more song for this road I’m traveling on...”

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    Thanks for the info ladies. I missed it last night but will set it to record on Wednesday.

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