I thought it might be fun to start a topic on Favorite TV Shows, past & present.

Some of you know I have always been a big fan of Don Johnson. I seem to have this fatal weakness when it comes to Dons....

Anyway, I loved him in Miami Vice (I particularly love the episode with Glenn in it, but I digress... ) and I was also a big fan of his second series Nash Bridges. One of our local stations has begun airing reruns of Nash Bridges and I watched one show last night. The show is even more interesting to me now because it was shot on location in San Francisco, and we went there two years ago on our wonderful vacation to see the Eagles on their Hotel California tour. Watching Nash speed up and down those steep streets and chase criminals through the fog surrounding the Golden Gate bridge is very nostalgic for me now. Brings back wonderful memories of a fantastic trip.

So, in the episode I watched last night, Nash catches the bad guy and forces a confession out of him, and as he and his partner Joe are walking away, Joe laughs and says, "Man, that guy sang just like Don Henley!"