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Thread: London 18 June 2014

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    Default Re: London 18 June 2014

    Well said tlr and VA.

    Peter, I won't torch you either because I absolutely respect that you have a right to your opinion. However, I am one who has also been to numerous shows because I LOVE them, so suffice it to say that I totally disagree with your comments. And one big reason that the band is still performing live shows is because, thankfully, there are a huge number of people that feel the same way many of us here feel. I think it's a safe bet to say that if the majority of the general public agreed with you, then the band would hang it up.

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    Default Re: London 18 June 2014

    Peter, I agree with some of your points but disagree strongly on others.

    On song choices, when you have such a long show with so many songs, there are going to be some that aren't my favourites but I went to the show knowing the set list and with my expectations set accordingly. I'd have loved "Outlaw Man" and "Bitter Creek" but was so please to get the other songs from Desperado. The second hlaf of the show may have been heavy on the Joe Walsh songs, but the audience loved it both times I saw the show. It may work better for those that aren't huge Eagles fans (I'm basing this on my sister who was slightly bored with the first half but really enjoyed the second).

    As far as voices, it's going to vary from show to show. I don't know what they can do other than try to keep as healthy a possible. Back in November, I thought Timothy sounded really good (again, my non-fan sister went "wow!") but in May, he wasn't hitting the top notes, so I assume this was just a temporary problem. To balance that, in May, Glenn sounded really good, especially on "Take it to the Limit".

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    Peter, I too, am sorry you didn't enjoy the show you went to. I haven't been to as many shows as some here, but I dearly love the Eagles and they could sing the phone book and I would love it! Their songs are the soundtrack of my life! Just seeing them live in the same building as me was one of the highlights of my life! They have all always sounded wonderful to me!

    And it seems like the party really starts when Joe cranks it up! With the near sell out in most arenas these days, they must be doing something right!

    Go again if you can. Maybe you will change your mind!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brooke View Post
    Just seeing them live in the same building as me was one of the highlights of my life!
    The Eagles used to live in the same building as you?? Only kidding, I know what you mean.

    Again, I agree with some of Peter's comments but also that I wasn't expecting Glenn to sound as good as he did and while I'm not a particular fan of Lyin' Eyes, for instance, it's my Dad's favourite Eagles song and he totally loved it.

    I've been trying to write a blog about the gigs I went to and it's very difficult because I love the Eagles but inevitably, there will be criticism in it (and quite a bit) but there were great, transcendent moments too. I do think they could do with revising the setlist but am so happy Bernie was there and that we got to hear some of those early songs although I might have chosen different ones.


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    Yeah, that would be my problem re: criticism. Like I'm not a huge fan of The Long Run (I don't think I've ever mentioned that before ) but even when I saw them do half of that album live I still loved it because I just love the band so much. Same with songs like OOTN or RMW, I wouldn't listen to them per se of my own accord, but seeing them do it is just so wonderful you forget how not bothered you really are.

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    No artist/group with the kind of song catalogue that the Eagles have will satisfy all of the people all of the time simply because even with their lesser known songs we all have individual favourites. I think in HOTE they have tried to present a roughly chronological progression of their work tied in with important milestones in their history. I would disagree about the songs you suggested not being 'concert songs'. To me and the people around me at 7 HOTE shows they were definitely concert songs, songs these people have known and loved, some for 40 years or more and that they were delighted to be able to hear live and sing along to. One of the criticisms of the LROOE tour was that some people felt there weren't enough of the 'old' (pre 1980?) songs on the setlist. Obviously that has been remedied with the return of many popular staples (AG, TS, etc). There are some songs I too would gave liked to see included too (How Long for example) but these guys play for well over 3 hours -a lot more than some bands are playing for, and they could play on another 2 hours or so and people would STILL not be happy with the set list!

    As a matter of interest how did you find the overall VIP experience? I went with VIP nation to the Monday (16/6) show. I thought it was a complete rip off from start to finish.
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    Default Re: London 18 June 2014



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    Hey all:

    Thanks for not "torching" me and I appreciate those who have agreed and disagreed. None of us can be totally correct about our opinions...because that is what they are 'opinions.' So we can agree to disagree. To the comment that I am new here and my first post was a bit critical...I am new here, but not a new Eagles fan as I think I established that in my review.
    I appreciate the comment about why they are playing "Train..." and not my choice "My Man"...but I think the Eagles of all people could afford to have a steel pedal player poised to play MM in any city.
    Anyway, that will be my last concert unless Hell Freezes Over or unless they all reunite or they decide to go out (retire) and devise a setlist purely for the diehard fans. I don't even disagree with playing some solo stuff, but why not let Timothy spread his wings and play a solo tune of his and perhaps Glenn. A little less Joe with that. I loved "Help Me Thru the Night" on HFO and am tired of hearing Rocky Mountain Way or Funk 49. They will never do this...but should take a note from (IMO) the best classic rock band still playing today - Toto. Ask your fans via your website what they want to hear. Not only that, because the catalog is so extensive, take a bunch of similar songs and bunch them together in a medley...listen or watch any of Toto's live CD/DVD's as to how they do is genius.
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