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Thread: The issue of Phone camera's and other issues in concert

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    Default Re: The issue of Phone camera's and other issues in concert

    Soda=spot on

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    Quote Originally Posted by sodascouts View Post
    Well, I think the meme is implying that people are so addicted to their phones they're unable to talk to other people even when those people are sitting right in front of them, and they think that's kind of sad. And I must agree, I don't think it's cool to be with someone and ignore them so you can play on your phone.
    I just don't think it's an addiction, Soda. I mean I think that to say that it is minimizes the severity and lethality of real addictions like alcoholism or heroin, etc. Smartphone overuse isn't killing people. Even overeating can kill people. Last time I checked someone who has FOMO (fear of missing out) and checks their phone frequently or is obsessed with Instagram isn't going to die because of it. Talking and driving isn't an issue anymore with the bluetooth in the car and texting over voice hands free is easy with Siri. So until people start having real permanent potentially lethal damage because of a smartphone, let's not call it an addiction and dramatize the situation. Same with gaming, gambling, or whatever. It's overuse and distraction. It doesn't kill the person. It doesn't kill innocent people on the road. You can't overdose. The psychologists and psychiatrists that have cute little names for everything, like calling it "nomophobia" (no mobile phone phobia) love it. Another DSM code, another patient, more money, etc. Let alone big pharma.

    And I find it highly hypocritical that this photo of this group was likely taken on - you guessed it - a smartphone. I'm a firm believer in all or nothing thinking - 0 or 100. Either completely avoid them and practice what you preach to the strongest level, or leave people be and enjoy what they enjoy. And if it was taken on a digital camera, that person uploaded it to the internet, and the meme maker made this, and shared on it social media to start a share chain. If that isn't pure irony I don't know what is. lolz I mean come on. Pot, meet kettle. It's just so overdramatized and people feel the need to police others or "save" them.

    Also, in this specific case - EVERYONE was on their phone, Soda. No one was ignoring anyone and there were no feelings hurt because literally the entire table was doing it. This particular meme doesn't fit that narrative/agenda. Whose to say those people weren't completely happy and fulfilled and were in any way upset or sad or missing out? That's what I don't like about the anti-phone crowd. They project their thoughts and feelings onto others as if everyone thinks like them. That table of people could have been 100 percent happy and saw nothing wrong with it. And you know what, good on them! There are too many people out there that like to try to tell everyone how to live. Some of them live that way, and some of them tell others how to live while they never practice what they preach. Now, to me, that's what's sad! I'm totally fine with everyone having an opinion. But when someone's opinion and beliefs and the way they think I should live get in my way of doing what I want with my life, be it in person by demonstrating their disapproval, or with dramatic judging memes they share in an ironic fashion - Houston, we have a problem. Unless you are the one with me at dinner (ex.), I don't need that person's 2c on how I live my life.

    To me this new wave of anti-phone memes is like when selfies started to become popular a few years ago and selfie sticks were being sold and someone made nasty little memes saying they were really supposed to be called "Narcissistie" and all of the judgmental people shared that meme. Sorry, but any distaste I have about that topic is going to be toward the person who made the meme or shared it, not the people who take selfies all the time. Luckily the whole anti-selfie thing has died down some. I'm not a prolific selfie taker at all, I take them occasionally, but I believe someone taking a picture of themselves is not a sign they are a narcissist. In fact, I'd say the one who thinks their way is the only way is the one with the problem. Even more so, I think selfies have helped the whole body positivity movement and overcoming insecurity.

    Then you have people who are dramatic and exaggerate like Jack White. He said it's sad and that everyone looks silly to him using their phones out and about. Then he passive-aggressively states "but maybe this is the new normal and I'm the weird one. It will probably turn to implants or microchips". Wow. Yes because putting an electronic implant in your body is soooo closely related to using smartphones. It's not Star Wars or Inspector Gadget, Jack. You can't put in a new chip and suddenly gain new features, lol. Talk about science fiction and grasping at straws to make an already weak point. That's a real stretch, I'm sorry.

    I like to think everyone on here doesn't act like the cases I've described and are like me in that if you aren't affecting me, I won't poke my nose in your business. Problem is - there are those out there who aren't like Dreamer, Soda, or I. Even if it doesn't affect them, they still have to knock that person. And that goes deeper than smartphones. That can be for a myriad of reasons that someone doesn't like your choices.
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