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Thread: Manchester Concert 25th June

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    Default Manchester Concert 25th June

    My fourth Eagles concert but my wife's first. even though she had been invited each time. 'Not my scene' was her usual comment. I don't know why she agreed this time; maybe it was because I was paying! Anyway, we went and after luckily avoided being led into an unofficial car park where they were charging 10 we saw an adjacent car park where the cost was 3.50. A good start to the night!

    Arrived at the venue an hour early where there was a long queue but it moved quickly. Half a dozen touts selling tickets and heard a figure of 400 being asked for and someone declining. I did wonder whose nerve would crack first as the start time of 8 p.m. nears.

    We found our seats and I did feel the venue, Phones 4u Arena (formerly the MEN), was looking a bit dated and tatty with plenty of ripped seats. However, we had reasonably good seats in the lower tier.

    As in previous concerts I was mostly looking forward to the playing of Joe Walsh and maybe selfishly didn't ask my wife if there was anything she was what she looking forward to but she seemed happy so leave well alone!

    The concert was superb, especially the second half. The main musical highlights were;

    Best of My Love - Just because it was so good

    Witchy Woman - The new arrangement was excellent and very effective.

    In the City - Wow! Always my favourite so I'm biased but my wife was on her feet with hands above her head clapping with real appreciation. A real pleasure to see and some comfort she was not bored.

    Life's Been Good - Well, it is Joes Walsh at his best.

    Rocky Mountain Way - My fourth concert and the first time they have played it.

    The end came was the usual closure, which always leaves a feeling of sadness as more could be taken in but appreciation of nearly three hours which just flies by. One slight negative point is the couple behind us who at times felt it was acceptable to have loud discussions whist songs were being played. Why would anybody pay good money not to listen properly and be so selfish. It probably reflects how they run their lives.

    We had a good exit from the venue and car park, which is always a bonus.

    Just as we drove away my wife thanked me for taking her and said it was the best concert she'd ever been to and sorry she had not been previously! That took me by surprise but I was so pleased she had enjoyed it.

    I expect it may be the last time we may see them tour and if that's the case it will leave some fantastic memories.

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    Default Re: Manchester Concert 25th June

    Welcome to the Border Tyalaw. I'm so glad you had such a good time at the show, and your wife too. Never say never! I know what's been said, but it's been said before. I hope they visit the British Isles again too!
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    Default Re: Manchester Concert 25th June

    tya, glad you and your wife enjoyed the show! The Eagles are just the best!

    Thanks for telling us about it and welcome to the Border! Stick around, it's a fun place!
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    Default Re: Manchester Concert 25th June

    So glad you and your wife enjoyed the show. Thanks for the details!

    Always in our hearts, Never forgotten

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    Default Re: Manchester Concert 25th June



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