I thought that Joe fans might like to know that his daughter Lucy has been busy.

Here is her myspace: http://www.myspace.com/lucywalsh

As you can see, you can download her single 'So Uncool' on iTunes now. Give it a listen, I think it's quite good.

And today the song has received a review in Billboard:

'Forget that Lucy Walsh is the daughter of Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh. the 24 year-old singer/songwriter from Santa Barbara, Calif., isn't relying on celebrity lineage to get noticed. Trained in piano, voice and music theory, Walsh played keyboards on Ashlee Simpson's 2004 "Autobiography" tour, and signed a deal with ISLAND after a series of New York showcases. "So Uncool," the first single from debut "Lost in the Lights" owes more to Walsh's idol, Cyndi Lauper and'80s freestyle than the Eagles. This uptempo, synth-heavy ode to relationship insecurity picks up where top 40 confections like "Toxic" left off. Radio can look to "So Uncool" as a way to fill the dance-pop void created when Britney met Kevin.'