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Thread: Iowa Event Ctr, Des Moines, 9/06/14

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    Default Re: Iowa Event Ctr, Des Moines, 9/06/14

    I'm always amazed at the inaccuracies of many reviews. I also note that 'Schmidt' appears again. Getting the names spelled correctly should be a no-brainer for a really good reporter but they'll get their due. One by one as they reach the Pearly Gates they'll be denied access because St. Peter's assistant is a dearly-departed die-hard Eagles fan who will misspell all of their surnames on the list!
    I just need a little downtime.........

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    Default Re: Iowa Event Ctr, Des Moines, 9/06/14

    Wouldn't you think that these reporters could do their job correctly? Good grief! But, mistakes like these seem to be the norm for them. Wouldn't fly at my work!

    VA, glad you had another rockin' time! I thought of you Saturday evening as I was rocking my grandson and listening to our Eagles lullaby cd!
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