I am truly, madly, deeply thrilled after hearing the live audios here: http://www.eaglesonlinecentral.com/downloads/multimedialiveaudio.htm. Particularly by these two: Tryin’ (Berkeley 73) & Too Many Hands (Springfield 75).
Well let’s be frank, the first song I chose to download from this list is undoubtedly “Take It to the Limit”. But, when I listened to these two songs (led by Randy too…), you know what? I’ve got a new view on them! I did have thought these two songs were good ones when listening to albums “Eagles” & “One of These Nights” respectively, except that being too short, especially “Trying”, and just left it there. These live shows are longer, louder, more enthusiastic, and make me dream I were there then! What I can hear is not only Randy’s real golden throat and thrilling bass playing, but also the harmonious team work: gorgeous singer, gorgeous drummer, gorgeous guitarists, everyone’s supporting each other perfectly.
It kind of fool I know, but it’s what I am thinking now and I do hope to be agreed ~