Do not assume that anyone connected to Randy reads this website, or that posting something here will somehow make things better for him. Randy has friends and family that can help him if he needs it. I think we should leave it to those who actually know Randy, and to Randy himself, to deal with any problems. The various camps can sort out things amongst themselves without uninformed fans weighing in.

It is true that Randy has not issued a statement that he wants privacy, but I still believe he deserves it. For me, thatís the default Ė I donít assume I can invade someoneís privacy unless they specifically ask me not to! I understand that not everyone agrees with my judgment on this matter, but I must ask that it is respected here. There are other places to talk about this if you wish to persist.

I will be frank. In addition to just respecting his privacy, I have another motive: I have found out firsthand that all of the feuding parties involved threaten lawsuits at the drop of a hat. While I've done research and know that none of the threats would stick, it's still pretty unpleasant to deal with.

Even if no one had ever threatened me, though, I still wouldnít want it discussed publicly here. We donít know all the facts, so we canít make judgments.

That is all I have to say on the matter. This thread will remain closed, as will any thread that continues to discuss Randyís personal life.

Let's get back to the music.