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Thread: MGM Grand, Las Vegas, 5/24/2015

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    This photo was posted on Twitter and Facebook on May 24 by TV writer and comedian Carol Leifer with the caption:
    In Timothy B.'s dressing room before he takes the stage with THE EAGLES! Awesome guy.

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    Default Re: MGM Grand, Las Vegas, 5/24/2015

    Thank you, SilverMoon!!!

    You can't change the world but you can change yourself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Freypower View Post
    As I have said before I thought the no phones policy was carried to a ridiculous extreme in Australia, but it appears the majority of people on this board now appear to support it. I would say, that although I didn't appreciate the tone of this review, it's a bit sad when the phone policy interferes with actual enjoyment of the show. I don't think people like me wish to 'destroy' the experience & are being unfairly penalised in order to punish the people who do overstep the mark. My objection to this policy is mainly to the blanket ban on photography. The handful of nearly identical photos which appear in reviews is no substitute for having your own souvenir. If the Eagles hate fans taking photos so much they could put some photos on their website. If they hate fans taking video so much they could release a DVD. It isn't that hard.

    I'm on the outside here - I don't support the 'no phones' policy. No one using a phone has ever bothered me at an Eagles show, or detracted from my enjoyment. Quite a few drunks have though.

    I totally agree with your comments on photos. It's great to have some photos of a show as souvenirs. Also, yes, they should put some photos or even a video or two on their website. The photos on there are all posed shots and taken years ago.

    Irving & Don have both made comments about YouTube. Irving saying he would remove all the artists he represents unless YouTube pay royalties to the artist, and Don saying 'YouTube has enough free stuff'. Notice the word FREE in that sentence.
    The Eagles know that modern cameras & phones can film video; I think the camera/phones ban may be due to this.
    If YouTube agreed to pay royalties(which I hope they never do) I think the Eagles would allow cameras & phones at their shows again, and the gestapo security would disappear. Think about it. I'm always keen to hear the view of other Borderers - even if you disagree with me! You may even convince me I'm wrong on this one. You'll have to have a good argument though

    Sorry if I've gone too far off topic for this thread. Move it to a more appropriate one if you like.

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    Default Re: MGM Grand, Las Vegas, 5/24/2015

    Having read the comments regarding some of the audience missing the start of the show at MGM and putting the blame on everybody else; significant research has been undertaken with many sleepless nights to find a solution.

    Having run the first few trials there appears to a consistent solution appearing.

    Get there earlier!

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