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Thread: Felder's "Heaven and Hell" Discussion Thread

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    Hey, guys & gals! I finally was able to buy the e-version of Don's autobiography and I'm reading through it now. I'll let ya'll know my opinions when I finish it. As for right now, I'm reading about Don's early life in Gainesville, FL and being stricken with polio and I also read about how his first dog accidentally ate rat poison and it passed away and, of course, Felder was very upset to have to lose his first childhood pet.
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    Looking forward to "hearing" about your thoughts about it. I like to re-read bits from it now and then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MortSahlFan View Post
    I think Felder got screwed. They went super-league thanks to him, who brought a variety of music, and the best guitarist they ever had(...)
    And that's probably were all the "problems" come from, without HC (and OOTN that I had paved the way) would we still be talking about the Eagles today ? Well not like this for sure, maybe like Poco or America, etc...Henley and Frey knew that better than anyone else and probably resented him for that so had no qualms in treating him like a sideman in 1994, like Walsh and Schmidt. It didn't help of course that Felder did not have a strong track to contribute to HFO. Was he ever asked why he hadn't contributed to the new material ? Did he have stuff that got turned down ?I mean he was only too happy to tell the story of how he had to come up on the spot with the "spanish" intro to HC...

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