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Thread: Don at DAR Constitution Hall: DC 11/5/15

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    Quote Originally Posted by sodascouts View Post
    I just noticed that "Shangri-La" has replaced "Where I Am Now." What the freak??? That's one of my bottom five Henley songs EVER, and "Where I Am Now" is thematically appropriate as the closer before the encore.

    If he has to drop "Where I Am Now", OK, but he's replacing it with one of the worst songs in his catalogue! "Where I Am Now" is hardly my favorite Henley song but it's worth 100 of "Shangri-La."

    ETA: I realize he must think it's a great song or he wouldn't have recorded it, and my low opinion of the song might not be shared by others... it's just that there are probably only a half dozen or so Henley songs that I actively dislike and that's one of them. Oh well. Glad he didn't do it at my shows.
    I share your opinion of Shangri-La, Soda. It's my least favourite Henley song along with The Genie. Where I Am Now is one of the few CC songs which actually seems to be about him.

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    Shangri-La is, pretty much a nonentity on the End Of The Innocence LP/CD but I thought it was great live. All those vocalists should make it into something special.

    How Bad Do You Want It sneaking into the set list is more of a surprise to me.

    Good on Don, for mixing the set list up, playing unheralded album tracks, playing 2 hours plus and dealing with unwelcome hecklers.

    I just hope the Don Felder supporters club don't band together to cause major disruption at future Henley concerts.

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