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Thread: Glenn Frey: Gone but not Forgotten

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    Default Re: Glenn Frey has died

    Shocked and saddened beyond belief. My deepest sympathies go out to his family, fellow Eagles, and close friends. RIP, Glenn.

    ETA: Beautiful statement from Don H. I can only imagine the depth of the sadness he is feeling right now.
    "You thought you would be satisfied, but you never will learn to be still."

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    Default Re: Glenn Frey has died

    Quote Originally Posted by sodascouts View Post
    He changed my life in so many ways. Every freaking thing you see here is thanks to him - I never would have made any of it if it weren't for Glenn. Hell, we wouldn't have the EAGLES without Glenn. We'll never have them again.

    It's over. It's all over.

    I hope he's in Heaven now, and I'll see him again one day, but right now all I feel is anguish.
    It's so true Nancy, No more Eagles and that's hard to swallow. My heart breaks for his family and band mates.

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    Default Re: Glenn Frey has died

    Quote Originally Posted by TimothyBFan View Post
    I'm in disbelief and shock as is everyone here. Words escape me. I do want to say how much I'm thinking not only of Glenn's family and his fellow Eagles but so many of you here- first ones who came to mind when I got the unbelieavable news was Soda of course, but Dreamer, FP, VA, GA, Brooke, etc.... My heart goes out to all of you. If I'm this devastated, I can only imagine how hard it's hitting all of you.
    Well said. I am still in shock and heartbroken but I too thought about those of you here that I've met and remember sitting in the hotel in NYC hearing you guys talk about Glenn. I know how much he means to you.

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    Default Re: Glenn Frey has died

    What a beautiful statement from Don.

    My heart goes out to his family and friends. We have lost everything that was Eagles. His music will live on though.
    "They will never forget you 'till somebody new comes along"
    1948-2016 Gone but not forgotten

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    Default Re: Glenn Frey has died

    I am beyond devastated. It is so hard to believe, and it'll be a long time before I come to grips with it. An amazing musician, an amazing vocalist, an amazing man. He gave so much to all of us in so many ways. While my knees feel like they've been cut out from under me, what I hold closely to my heart is the absolute joy he always brought to me, through his music and through him just being him.

    My heart hurts for his fellow band-mates and especially his family. My thoughts and prayers are going out for all of us, and most especially them.
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    Default Re: Glenn Frey has died

    The heart-racing, hands-shaking, loud sobbing, anguish-filled rollercoaster I've felt over the past couple hours has been so exhausting that I am just numb right now. My prayers and love go to Glenn's family, his friends, and of course the band. I never in a million years thought he'd be the first to go. Rest well, Glenn, we all love you more than words can ever say.

    This was brought up with Bowie's death on Twitter, and I'll modify it a bit for us - whenever you feel sad about this, just know that you managed to exist at the same time as Glenn Frey.

    As for us Borderers... this is obviously going to be very hard. One day at a time. We'll get through this, impossible as it may seem. Stay strong, friends.
    ~ Tori

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    Default Re: Glenn Frey has died

    I was at my uncle's house when my mom called and told me. At first, I said "you're f**king joking, right?". Then I saw it on NBC Nightly news. I've been crying and grieving ever since. I'm in a state of disbelief. I just feel out of it.

    RIP Glenn. Your music has meant more to me this past year than almost anything else. My thoughts and prayers go out to Cindy, his kids, friends, and bandmates.

    What Don said is beautiful.

    People don't run out of dreams, People just run out of time

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    Default Re: Glenn Frey has died

    From Stevie Nicks:
    "I’m sure more words will come later. Seeing though my tears to this white paper is almost impossible right now. For now…just this… Take it easy, Mr Frey~ As you fly~ Take it easy~ Stevie Nicks (Brokenhearted)"

    Always in our hearts, Never forgotten

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    Default Re: Glenn Frey has died

    Any word from Felder yet? Nothing on his twitter.

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    Default Re: Glenn Frey has died

    I. JUST. CAN. Not. believe this or wrap my head around it.

    This wasn't supposed to happen. Like. I can not even...............

    RIP Glenn


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