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Thread: Remembering Glenn Frey

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    Default Re: Remembering Glenn Frey

    So glad you got to meet Henry, NYC Fan. A few of us Borderers got to meet him at one of the L.A. Forum shows. We also found him to be very friendly and sweet.

    "People don't run out of dreams: People just run out of time ..."
    Glenn Frey 11/06/1948 - 01/18/2016

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    Default Re: Remembering Glenn Frey

    Thank you all for the beautiful pictures and memories. I am late posting this, I thought about it on the 18th but didn't make it on here...I can't believe its been 7 years. I love the memorial. I hope to get to LA one of these days and see all the Eagles-related sites, including Joshua Tree.

    NYC Fan, that's a great story! I always thought Henry Diltz seemed like he'd be a cool guy to meet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NYC Fan View Post
    Beautiful pictures and remembrances of Glenn, all. Thank you. Loved the memorial at Cap Rock. I was just there in December. Wish I would have remembered to look for that as we walked around, in case it was still there ❤️ Love Joshua Tree so much. Itís such a spiritual place.

    Thought of Glenn yesterday, as I often do. Canít believe itís been 7 years. Thought Iíd share a story from this past Summer. I got to meet Henry Diltz at an exhibit of his photos at the NYC Morrison Hotel Gallery, and he was such a lovely guy. I told him that I had recently bought two of his photos from the gallery (one of the Eagles, and one of Glenn) and how happy they made me whenever I looked at them. Henry said what a great guy Glenn was, and I said how much I still miss him. He smiled and said he knows Glenn is having a great time on the other side.

    I try to think of that whenever I think of Glenn in a sad way, and it always makes me smile. Iím sure he is 😁
    Awesome that you got to meet Henry Diltz and talk to him about Glenn. Lovely story!

    Always in our hearts, Never forgotten

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    Default Re: Remembering Glenn Frey

    Henry was such a nice guy. Would have loved to have talked to him more about the photos I bought; about where they were taken, etc., but there were several people waiting to talk to him, and I didnít want to be ďthatĒ person who wonít shut up.

    You could tell his affection for Glenn though. His face lit up when he said what a great guy he was. And absolutely no hesitation that Glenn is now having a great time on the other side. It was so sweet.

    He was signing album covers. etc. for people, which was so nice. Of course I never thought he would, since it was just an exhibit of his photos, so I didnít have their first album with me. Would have loved that. Hopefully there will be a next time!

    Donít mean to get off topic, but itís cool how Glenn is obviously remembered fondly by so many ❤️❤️

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