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I knew glenn for many years. He used to come in to some of the different places I worked in LA, while trying to "make it" After he had been coming in for a few months, sometime with Jack Mack( from the Heart attacks) and he was " off again" while dating Janie, he asked me out. A girl i worked with was BFF's with Barbara Azoff, who she was always telling about me at the time, so Glenn knew I sang. He said to me on a date one night " dont ever ask me to help you with your career" I was a bit defensive, as i had never brought up my music to him. He went on to say " Its a REALLY cut throat industry, and you are too nice a person. It will chew you up and spit you out, and I dont want to be a part of that" Speaks volumes about the kind of person he was. This was when He had just released "No fun Aloud" and was enjoying good success with it. You can not blame someone in his position to be a bit jaded, as everyone always wanted something from you. I didnt want anything from him, just wanted to see his solo album do REAL well because of the break up of the band. Dont think glenn fully understood someone who didnt want or need anything from him. We did have fun when we would go out,and enjoyed hanging at his place in Benedict Cyn.
Not many people made me nervous in our industry...but glenn did. Janie and cindy were both very lucky women. He really was a good guy!