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Thread: Joe's Columbus Roots

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    Hope this is ok to share and something I always thought was really cool. I remember as a kid learning from my parents about how Joe Walsh lived in Columbus, Ohio for a good portion of his childhood. Most of my family is from Columbus and I was born and raised, and still live here, so I just thought that was awesome. But my Mom's co-worker had one of the best things happen as in the 2000s when the Eagles were here on tour (one of the ones we almost went to) they got an unexpected knock on the door and the lady's husband almost fainted as there was Joe standing there and introduced himself. Turns out their house was Joe's childhood home!!!

    They had no idea that used to be his parents' house. Joe wanted to revisit his old house and they happily let him in and got stories about when he was kid here. They had remodeled the house and he liked it. They got pictures with him too and she came to work and told my Mom and everyone about it. I can't even imagine having that happen and seeing one of your favorite celebrities all of a sudden show up at your house and finding out they used to live there.

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    That would be pretty cool!
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