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Thread: Favorite Bernie sayings or moments

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    Default Favorite Bernie sayings or moments

    The thread on Glenns board Memorable sayings gave me th idea to start a thread for each memebr with your favorite qoutes or moments. I will start us off.

    The Final pitch to Geffen well were here take us or leave us.
    The beer incident

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    Default Re: Favorite Bernie sayings or moments

    "You don't just leave him at the side of the road, half-burnt. That's not very cool."

    "People have been killed in sight of the stage while the Stones were playing 'Sympathy for the Devil,' and everybody went 'this is a little not O.K.'"

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    Default Re: Favorite Bernie sayings or moments

    "I think I'm going surfing."
    All carrot, no stick.

    "He's just another power junkie, just another silk scarf monkey. You'd know it if you saw his stuff. The man just isn't big enough."--Glenn Frey/Don Henley

    "You think you know me, but you haven't got a clue."--John Lennon/Paul McCartney

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