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Thread: Pebble Beach 2008

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    Default Re: Glenn is playing Pebble Beach!!

    This is coming forward simply because I have never read this or the Pebble Beach Saga from 2007 completely----till today!!! I was reminded of it by PM in the 10,000 Soda post thread and decided to read the 2007. Loved it so much, started on this one! Great stories and I've had a fun hour reading all these. Thought new members might want to check them out also. You girls crack me up. Is there any wonder that once you come to the Border you stay on the Border? So much entertainment right here!!!
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    Default Re: Glenn is playing Pebble Beach!!

    Such fun times! I like to re-read 'em myself... re-read and re-live! Oh, how I adore Glenn Frey (in a perfectly fan-appropriate way, of course! )

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