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Thread: Eagles Farewell I Tour Live from Melbourne

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    Default Re: Eagles Farewell I Tour Live from Melbourne

    Quote Originally Posted by East Texas Girl View Post
    Delilah, I thought the exact same thing when I finally got a chance to watch it. If I'm not mistaken didn't someone from the crowd yell out "that's Randy's song" or did I say that out loud and only think I heard it from the concert??

    I didnít hear that ETG, but next time I will listen more closely. If that actually happened then whoever was doing the editing/producing must have overlooked it. Otherwise it probably would have gotten edited out.

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    Default Re: Eagles Farewell I Tour Live from Melbourne

    Who knows, maybe it was just in my head.

    But you know Glenn could have said "Here's one WE wrote back in the 70's" without mentioning anyone's name and he would have been correct and I would not have a problem with that.

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