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Thread: Timothy's Bass Style.

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    Default Timothy's Bass Style.

    As a bassist/guitarist I hear things that casual listens don't. So I have noticed that Timothy is more technical and rough then Randy. For example take a look at the Roc and Roll and Roll Hall of Fame. Hotel Califorina has a rough jumpy feel to it and in solo section he changed it up from Randy's original part.

    Hall Of Fame.
    Capital Center 77.

    Now Randy has more of a smooth relaxed feel to a song and is subtle. Both of their vocals are amazing. Here is another comparison.

    James Dean
    Heartache Tonight

    Finally when the band brought on Timmothy also caused a change in the Rythym section with Randy was more of behind the drum beat and Timmothy was more on top. The changed made the Eagloes loose they're country sound completely and made it more R and B and Rock N Roll.

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    Default Re: Timothy's Bass Style.

    Interesting. Whose style, as far as ahead of or behind the drums, would be more similar to that of Bill Wyman/Charlie Watts of the Rolling Stones? I always hear the Rolling Stones rhythm section cited for its distinctive sound, including in Keith Richard's book, where he describes how his guitar comes in with the drums and creates an off/wobbly sound.

    ETA - Gosh, I just saw in the other thread you're only 17! You may need many more decades under your belt to make the requested comparison!
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    Default Re: Timothy's Bass Style.

    On record though, Randy is playing a lot more notes than usual, especially at the end (same note), but I think the song had something to do with it

    Very nice to see all the guys sharing the stage, even Bernie, who wasn't around for the album Hotel California.

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    Default Re: Timothy's Bass Style.

    Quote Originally Posted by travlnman2 View Post
    Finally when the band brought on Timmothy also caused a change in the Rythym section with Randy was more of behind the drum beat and Timmothy was more on top. The changed made the Eagloes loose they're country sound completely and made it more R and B and Rock N Roll.
    This is an interesting point - I think the change in bass style is why The Long Run is the 'heaviest' Eagles album in its overall sound, and I also think this is part of the reason why this album is somewhat divisive. It sounds fundamentally different from its predecessors, to a point that I would say goes beyond simply having an album which consists mostly of rockers with just two ballads. I would describe both Already Gone and Those Shoes as rockers, yet one of these sounds distinctly more like the original 'Eagles sound' than the other (AG of course), and I think this is due to the rhythm section. The talk-box guitars play a part in this too, but it would still sound quite different even if TS had a more conventional dual lead guitar combination like AG does.

    (I should warn you this next section will try to explain this, but this a subject area that is not particular area of expertise of mine. Therefore if my explanations seem like rubbish, they probably are!)

    I used to get really confused as to the difference between what constituted 'hard' and 'heavy' rock music but my understanding now is that 'hard' relates more to the lead instruments (basically having loud, prominent guitars, although in some cases also keyboards), whereas 'heavy' relates more to the rhythm section (I have no issues if people disagree with this, you are probably correct). This means that most 'heavy' music also tends to be 'hard', but not necessarily the other way around - the Eagles have quite a few songs that I'd say were 'hard' (including several pre-Walsh songs, and a handful of pre-Felder ones) but not so many that are 'heavy'. When I think of a song that is heavy, but not hard I think of Poor Tom by Led Zeppelin, where John Bonham's drums are extremely prominent, but the lead instrument is an acoustic guitar. I'd struggle a bit more to think of specific example of a song that really stands out as being hard but not heavy, partly because I think in songs of that nature I'm paying most attention to the guitars - something with a lot of guitar but a less prominent rhythm section. Lynyrd Skynyrd maybe, I notice some of their songs have quite a folk-y/country style of bass playing, more like the Eagles than Zep, but with multiple electric guitars.
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    Default Re: Timothy's Bass Style.

    Thanks for everyone's insights on this - very nteresting stuff. It's something I would never have even noticed otherwise since I am so musically-challenged.

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    Default Re: Timothy's Bass Style.

    Thanks for the insight Johnny, and travlnman2 - interesting post!

    I always liked Timothy's bass on the Long Run, because to me ( on the title track,anyway) he seemed to have a little more 'funky' sound. I love the way he plays. It sounds like what you are saying is that Randy, with a more laid back sound, let the drummer drive the beat. Timothy plays more on the beat, which helps to drive the beat, tempo, etc.

    So if the term'heavy' pertains to the rhythm, that can include all the instruments, not just the drums and bass? But the term 'hard' is driven more by a forceful guitar lead? Just trying to wrap my head around this idea

    Please correct my misconceptions

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    Default Re: Timothy's Bass Style.

    IMO he brings in a more RnB feel, and it can certainly be heard in The Long Run.
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