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Thread: RIP Doris Roberts

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    Default RIP Doris Roberts

    I just saw that actress Doris Roberts passed away today. She was 90 years old and was in so many movies and shows. I loved her as the mother on "Everybody Loves Raymond", as well as Beverly D'Angelo's mother in "Christmas Vacation". She always hilariously reminded me of my own paternal grandmother. LOL We just keep losing more great ones.
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    Default Re: RIP Doris Roberts

    Have such fond memories of watching "Everybody Loves Raymond" in my younger years.

    RIP to her and her long-departed co-star Peter Boyle.
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    Default Re: RIP Doris Roberts

    I never cared for Everybody Loves Raymond, but I love Christmas Vacation. May she RIP

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    Default Re: RIP Doris Roberts

    really?? wow

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    Default Re: RIP Doris Roberts

    I loved Doris Roberts. May she rest in peace.

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    Default Re: RIP Doris Roberts

    Loved her, everywhere! RIP, Doris!
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    Default Re: RIP Doris Roberts

    I adored her as Ray's Mom. She was a wonderfully talented actress and will
    be missed.

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