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    Default Boston

    Sorry if there is a thread, but I couldn't find it

    I have found a new appreciation for Boston

    rip Brad Delp

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    Default Re: Boston

    Their first two albums are amazing. Not sure what to make of 'Third Stage.' The more recent 3 from within my life-span were pretty terrible.

    My two favourites of theirs are the once which communicate the innermost feelings I have--"Peace of Mind" and "A Man I'll Never Be."
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    Another favorite of mine, my brother, and my parents!!! Also, to this day they and I are still asked if I was named after their song "Amanda". LOL I wasn't since I was born two months before they released their album/the single (wasn't with Waylon Jennings song either). However, my Mom always said it was my song and they still sometimes sing/play it on my birthday, and my Mom insists it has to play at my future wedding if it ever happens. LOL But I love that song so much and I too refer to it as my song.

    I love their other hits too and I always liked how in "Rock & Roll Band" they mention Hyannis as we have family that live on the Cape too, as well as Boston since my parenteral grandparents were originally from there.
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