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Seems as if so many times Iím reminded of Glenn these days.

Last night I went to see Almost Famous on Broadway. Really enjoyed it, and itís a shame that itís closing so soon. I thought the critics were unfair to it.

Anyway, we all know the Russell character was at least partially based on Glenn. But when he came on stage, he was wearing a black satin jacket that looked exactly like the ones they used to have with the E on it. Underneath was a U of M t-shirt. He then said they were from a small town in Michigan 😁. And then later on, he had the Chuck Berry shirt on that Glenn wore in those plane pictures that Henry Diltz took. Only difference was that there was black piping around the sleeves. Also a sweatband on his right wrist, and a necklace that looked a lot like the Eagles ones they used to wear. I am positive Cameron Crowe had to have had some input into wardrobe, since he was quite involved in the musical.

It made me laugh that I was pretty sure no one else was picking up on Russellís clothing choices, but Iím sure it was deliberate. Miss you, Glenn ❤️❤️

Jimmy Fallon was there, and they pulled him up on stage for the curtain call, which was funÖ
Those wardrobe choices could not have been incidental! I didn't know/remember that they were making a play based on Almost Famous. Sorry it didn't work out.
I was thinking of Glenn recently, and reread some of the threads on this forum, such as "Memorable Glenn sayings/lines. Made me smile.