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Thread: Little things that remind you of the Eagles

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    Default Re: Little things that remind you of the Eagles

    I think we probably all do.

    I would like to see Rocketman. I still need to see Bohemian Rhapsody too.

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    Default Re: Little things that remind you of the Eagles

    Quote Originally Posted by Pippinwhite View Post
    Here's another Eagles-related funny:


    And dreamer, I want to see those movies too!
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    Default Re: Little things that remind you of the Eagles

    I don't know where this goes, but Derek Hough (of Dancing With The Stars) plays (and of course dance to) HC HFO version in his show. I saw a short video on Instagram, but I don't know if its on Youtube.

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    Default Re: Little things that remind you of the Eagles

    I was watching a TV special by our Houston Zoo last night called "Saving Texas Wildlife". It was telling the stories of several species that were near disappearance in the state of Texas but with the help of conservationists, the animals are being saved. One of the stories was about the black bear and how it is now reappearing in the state. They had film of a black bear roaming in Cass County. So when visiting Linden, keep your eyes open!

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