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Thread: RIP Pat Summitt

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    Default RIP Pat Summitt

    I'm so sad about this. Pat Summitt was a huge inspiration for me even though I wasn't an athlete. She was one of the most winning coaches in all of sports having coached at the University of Tennessee from 1974-2012 and becoming the coach in all of the NCAA with the most wins, and coaching the WS Women Olympic basketball team and winning a gold medal in 1984. Every interview I watched with her was so inspiring and she left such a legacy not only in women's basketball but in sports. I was devastated when she was diagnosed with early on-set dementia/Alzheimer's and didn't think it would progress this fast as she was only 64. I feel so bad for her family, friends, and all the people she coached and worked with. Another huge loss in the sports world and in general this year.
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    Default Re: RIP Pat Summitt

    She sounds impressive. RIP!

    Always in our hearts, Never forgotten

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    Default Re: RIP Pat Summitt

    What a shame. An inspiration and role model to all women. RIP.

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