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Thread: Toledo, OH-October 20, 2010 concert

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    Default Eagles Concert-Toledo, OH-October 20, 2010, were you there?

    Does anyone have photos/video of the Eagles concert in Toledo, Ohio on October 20, 2010 (Long Road Out Of Eden Tour). My two daughters were taken to the front of the stage & Don Henley sang Desperado to them. We have NO photos/video because my dear hubby made us leave our phones (that had cameras/video) at hotel. Aagh! We have been searching since then for someone that has it. Please...anyone?
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    Default Re: Toledo, OH-October 20, 2010 concert

    Welcome deatrick.

    Here is a link to a thread for the concert review that one our members posted ...

    Unfortunately, none of the YouTube links in the thread seem to work. The band has video taken down from YouTube pretty quickly, so I don't know if we can be any help to you. But, you never know. Good luck with your search.

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