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Thread: What's Happening In Your Life?

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    Default Re: What's Happening In Your Life?

    Thanks, Delilah and CA.(I apologize for the duplicate posts. I had trouble with the server).

    I ended up back at the dentist office on Monday. I developed an infected dry socket over the weekend, which then spread to the roof of my mouth. I've been barely eating or drinking since Sunday. I'm back on a new antibiotic (my 8th since the end of January). If I don't see improvement by Thursday, I'll probably have to go to the ER to get IV antibiotics and saline for dehydration. There is a bit of good news; I managed to get my oral surgery bumped up to the 4th.

    Because everything won't be done until mid-May, and I won't be fully healed until June, one of my professors got me an extension on the incompletes until the end of summer, which gives me a month extra. I'm missing at least half the work in all my classes, so I'm very grateful for the extra time.

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    Default Re: What's Happening In Your Life?

    I finally had my eye surgery on Tuesday after two times of being delayed. My blood pressure was a little high, but they gave me something to lower my blood pressure.

    I had no pain or even discomfort which was very interesting since I never had any surgery where I wasn't in pain after the numbness wore off, but I'm glad I didn't have any pain.

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