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Thread: Your Top 10 Artists (other than the Eagles)

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    Default Re: Your Top 10 Artists (other than the Eagles)

    Okay, here's my list, in approximate order:

    Pink Floyd
    Neil Young
    Led Zeppelin
    Dire Straits
    Bob Dylan
    Fleetwood Mac
    Lynyrd Skynyrd
    Deep Purple
    Mark Knopfler
    Wishbone Ash

    Where I have a strong preference for era:

    Fleetwood Mac - The 1970s albums with Lindsey and Stevie
    Lynyrd Skynyrd - Ronnie era (up to 1977)
    Deep Purple - Mk2 line up with Ian Gillan, although I like Mk3 as well
    Wishbone Ash - The 'Argus' line up (1970-73)

    I'm sure you're all deeply shocked at my #1 choice. Not. I found it relatively easy for numbers 1-8 on my list. It's difficult to explain, it just seems right to me. The trickiest choice for me was who to put fifth. My head said Bob (as I love more of his music), my heart said Fleetwood Mac (Rumours was my first musical love)! I considered putting Knopfler's solo works in with Dire Straits as I feel they are the same musical journey, but I think there's enough I love from his solo albums to get him in the top ten as a solo artist, for now at least.

    Tenth place was the hardest one to decide - I ultimately went for Wishbone Ash, but I also considered Rush and Genesis.. These are my honourable mentions, if you like. Both Wishbone Ash and Genesis have one album I really love (Argus and Selling England By The Pound), but I have to be in the right mood to really enjoy most of the other Genesis albums, even from my preferred era (up to Steve Hackett's departure), whereas I can enjoy Wishbone Ash most of the time. Rush have two albums I really like, but I haven't listened to anything else by them, whereas with Wishbone Ash I know their early era well. It's weird because there are other artists whose catalogues I know better than some of these, but I don't like them enough to put them in my top ten.

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    Default Re: Your Top 10 Artists (other than the Eagles)

    These are some of the groups and singers that I listen to a fair bit, but I have left out a good few others as they are not as widely known.

    Snow Patrol
    Fleetwood Mac
    Billy Joel
    Bruce Springsteen
    The Killers
    Tom Petty and the heartbreakers

    ETA: Forgot to add the honourable mentions to Jackson Browne and John Mellancamp
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    Default Re: Your Top 10 Artists (other than the Eagles)

    The Beatles
    Led Zeppelin
    Pink Floyd
    Pierce the Veil
    Black Sabbath
    Foo Fighters

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    Default Re: Your Top 10 Artists (other than the Eagles)

    In no particular order of preference:

    1. The Clash
    2. Matchbox Twenty
    3. Beastie Boys
    4. Buddy Holly
    5. John Williams
    6. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
    7. Eric Clapton
    8. Fleetwood Mac
    9. Lindsey Buckingham
    10. Elvis Costello

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    Default Re: Your Top 10 Artists (other than the Eagles)

    No Order intended, just who popped in my head at this moment, as someone said: tomorrow it may change.

    Rod Stewart
    Creedence Clearwater Revival
    George Strait
    Linda Ronstadt
    Reba McIntire
    Bob Seger
    Little Big Town
    Chris Young
    Neil Diamond
    Dolly Parton

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    Default Re: Your Top 10 Artists (other than the Eagles)

    In no particular order...

    1. George Strait
    2. Kenny Chesney
    3. Clint Black
    4. Rosanne Cash
    5. Patty Loveless
    6. Fleetwood Mac
    7. Dixie Chicks
    8. Van Halen (up to OU812)
    9. Duran Duran
    10. Dwight Yoakam

    I left off other artists I love, like Mary Chapin Carpenter, Keith Urban, Heart, Journey and others. Like others have indicated, this list is fluid and subject to change, except for King George.
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    Default Re: Your Top 10 Artists (other than the Eagles)

    Quote Originally Posted by Jonny Come Lately View Post
    Deep Purple - Mk2 line up with Ian Gillan, although I like Mk3 as well
    Have you heard Glenn Hughes' new solo album "Resonate"? It sounds as if it could be a Mark 3 album, though with only Glenn's vocals of course. IMHO, it makes a better Purple album than recent Deep Purple albums.

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    Default Re: Your Top 10 Artists (other than the Eagles)

    In no particular order:

    1. Peter Gabriel
    2. Kate Bush
    3. Bruce Springsteen
    4. Rodney Crowell
    5. Vince Gill
    6. Gerry Rafferty
    7. Clearance Clearwater Revival
    8. Cathy Davey (Irish singer)
    9. George Jones
    10. David Bowie
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    Default Re: Your Top 10 Artists (other than the Eagles)

    This is very hard for me to do since I listen to almost every genre and music from the 40s through today but I'll try.

    1. The Beatles (and members solo)
    2. Fleetwood Mac (and members solo)
    3. U2
    4. Tom Petty
    5. George Strait
    6. Coldplay
    7. Sarah McLachlan
    8. Genesis/Phil Collins
    9. Bruce Springsteen
    10. Dean Martin
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    Default Re: Your Top 10 Artists (other than the Eagles)

    I like so many, so it's hard to narrow it down, but I'll try! And, 70's music is my most favorite as long as it's not disco! These are what I listen to the most.

    1. CSNY
    2. Bob Seger
    3. Jackson Browne
    4. Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
    5. CCR
    6. Aerosmith
    7. John Mellencamp
    8. Fleetwood Mac
    9. Lynyrd Skynyrd
    10.Rolling Stones
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