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Thread: Your Top 10 Artists (other than the Eagles)

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    Default Re: Your Top 10 Artists (other than the Eagles)

    I have posted here before but I feel like I need to make a new list, because there have changed some things and I have new stories to tell.

    My music history began with my father playing his favourite artists all the time, which was great music. After that I listened to popular national radio, so I heard modern music, which I liked as well, but later, when I rediscovered the old music my father played, I just had to admit that this was the music that made my heart rate faster.
    I'm still in middle school, and my friend and me often listen to music during maths class. The music he plays is modern Dutch rap music and you have to imagine, this is music about the most shallow things, like "hot chicks" and drugs... I always make fun of it, and then my friend makes fun of me for being so old-fashioned. :Ē)

    To make a top 10 list, I just have to include the Eagles, otherwise it isn't complete for me.
    1) Eagles. I fell in love with them when my father introduced me to them by playing the Farewell Tour in Melbourne DVD. I liked all members for who they were: Glenn the leader, Don the complex, serious and thoughtful one, Joe the hilarious wacky character and Tim the soft spot. The Eagles have always been my favourite band. Later, a few years ago, I discovered the Long Road Out Of Eden album and I was overwhelmed by it, by songs like WITW, the title track, IDWTHA, NMCD and How Long to name a few, because it was even better than the stuff they recorded previously to me: the more recent an Eagles album came out, the better I like it. Hotel California, The Long Run and LROOE are in my top 5 favourite albums by any artist. I consider myself a huge Eagles fan, because I post here, created the Eagles Wikia and wrote a book that includes the Eagles, but on this forum I found people who are even more crazy about them than me!
    2) The Beach Boys. Like I said in my previous message: I'm a sucker for grown men who sing in harmony. I discovered them only a few years ago. My father played their old surf hits occasionally, but now I found out that the stuff they recorded later was even better! Pet Sounds was good, but its successor, which was actually never released, was psychedelic heaven. The story behind it is so fascinating: Brian Wilson's rivalry with The Beatles, his mental problems, the band and especially Mike Love disliking the new direction Brian was heading for. The music was so complex and there were so many different ideas included in the songs, incredible. SMiLE, that's the album, is not just an album, but a listening experience. Brian Wilson might be my favourite songwriter. He wrote like 80% of the good Beach Boys songs.
    3) Bachman-Turner Overdrive. This may be an odd choice after - in my opinion - the two greatest American bands ever, but I feel like BTO is the most underrated band. Their only true hit was You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet, which actually started out as a joke, but they should be remembered both for their heavy rock and their jazz. The only bad thing with BTO is that nearly all of their songs are about driving... I discovered the album Freeways this year, the latest album Randy Bachman worked on with BTO before departing and he really showcases his talents here. But the thing is, most fans and his band members don't like it. They state that it's not the heavy, guitar-driven rock BTO is known for, while in my opinion it's exactly that, plus a little bit of jazz which they were also known for... It's just me I guess.
    4) INXS. I think everyone interested in music knows something about Michael Hutchence's story. Interestingly, their music got darker and more depressing after their success period and before Michael's death, but Michael Hutchence was the lyricist, not the one who composed the music, if I got that right.
    5. Bee Gees. Again the harmonies. I really got into them after I watched a concert by them on television. They all wore black and it just looked so good. I have to say that I prefer their disco period over the rest.
    6. The Doobie Brothers. It's not only that I like bands who sing in harmony, I also like bands with several different singers, because that makes the albums so much more diverse.
    7. The Beatles. I used to think that The Beatles were overrated, but not anymore, while I still have to say I enjoy the Eagles more for example. The Beatles have so many good songs on their latest albums. Paul and John grew apart the older they got. Paul became the one who wrote the melodic singles, John wrote the more complex, psychedelic music, which could not be singles, mostly. And George was less productive, but in my opinion he wrote some songs that were The Beatles in optima forma, like his tracks on my favourite album Abbey Road and The White Album. And Ringo? Well, this is not just an unpopular opinion, but almost profanity: Ringo wrote my favourite Beatles song: Octopus's Garden. Every Beatles fan would despise me, but I just feel that way. The best Beatles solo song is written by George: All Those Years Ago, about John.
    8. Steely Dan. The reason why they are in this list is entirely because of the Eagles. Because of their friendly rivalry, I looked up Steely Dan and discovered that their jazzy rock songs are really good, but their lyrics are from another planet. They are so cool, weird, vague, complex and intelligent that they are food for thought, and for countless interpretations. Sadly Walter Becker recently passed away.
    9. Tears For Fears. Harmonies, different singers, and above all: good music. Roland Orzabal makes his political views visible in his songs, just like Don H., and actually I usually find that interesting: serious lyrics that tell so much about the writer's viewpoints. Orzabal is "left" in his politics and wrote songs about feminism, which I think is a very interesting theme as well.
    10. The Rolling Stones. The thing with them is that when you like some of their songs and want to search for more good stuff, you won't find it, because every song will sound similar. Nevertheless, they deserve to be recognized as one of the biggest rock bands in history.
    11. Talk Talk. I just couldn't stop at 10 and I will do two more, so I'm sure I have all of my favourite bands included. I have the feeling I don't know all their good stuff yet. They have recorded albums that were praised by experts, but didn't do well commercially, so I think there is some more to discover for me here.
    12. Genesis. I have to say I only listen to the Phil Collins area and both the progressive rock and poprock songs. The development they went through from progressive to pop is interesting, although I feel like I don't know the whole story. I also think Phil Collins has recorded some gorgeous songs in his solo career, like Another Day in Paradise.
    13. 10cc. Now I have included all bands in this list that deserve a mention. I notice that all 13 artists I named are bands. I think that proves that you can accomplish more together than alone. 10cc consisted of two songwriting groups: one which made experimental music, and one which made more recognizable music. When the experimental part of 10cc left the band, that's when the guys who left behind felt a larger urge to write good singles, which they accomplished. From this period is their reggae trip "Dreadlock Holiday" and a song called The Things We Do for Love.

    I guess this is a pretty good overview of my music interests and the stories behind them. I also like newer acts, like Eminem and Coldplay, but they just couldnít make my top 13.

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    Default Re: Your Top 10 Artists (other than the Eagles)

    1. Eagles
    2. The Rolling Stones
    3. AC/DC
    4. Aerosmith
    5. Led Zeppelin
    6. Lynyrd Skynyrd
    7. Guns N' Roses
    8. Fleetwood Mac
    9. Journey
    10. The Beatles
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