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Tickets will be $24-$29 by the way I'm listening to Holiday Road right now and I also downloaded Trouble (?). He's much milder than I thought he'd be
Trouble is just OK. Try "Soul Drifter" off of Out of the Cradle. That's another one of my favorites. All of his songs on Fleetwood Mac's Rumours are strong - the aforementioned "Go Your Way" and "The Chain," but also "Second Hand News" and "Never Going Back Again." "Go Insane" is also good, but get the live version (off of Fleetwood Mac's The Dance). It far surpasses the album version which frankly is a tad dated now, with all its techno "tricks" (although some Lindsey fans consider such a statement sacrilege!). As a guitar aficianado, you'd appreciate the live version of I'm So Afraid (also off of The Dance). It has an incredible guitar solo full of passion - the guitar solo that made me a Buckingham fan. Make sure it's the live one though! If you're in the mood for romantic Lindsey, try "Crystal." I prefer the Buckingham Nicks one you can find here: http://www.buckinghamnicks.net/bn/MP3/crystalBN.mp3 In fact let me just link you to the multimedia page: http://www.buckinghamnicks.net/bn/slmedia.html - the entire BN album is great. Their voices and music were so earnest, so pure, so basic and yet so sophisticated, considering it was their first effort. It far outpaces the first efforts of our boys, I must say!

Sorry, you shouldn't have gotten me started! lol